[eDebate] Time to Review the Merger

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu Jun 8 14:54:28 CDT 2006

We talked about this a little at the CEDA meeting, but a decade on its time
to do an organizational review of the merger.

we have had the time to see if the proposed benefits of the merger have come
into being and we should decide as an organization if we are still
interested. I know there are a bunch of you going um i have been saying this
for a long time and well ok you have, but lets start to identify things we
want to assess.

For me they are the following. Identifying the reasons behind the merger and
see if things have worked out as promised.
Identify the 10 year trend for number of schools and students debating both
regionaly and nationaly.
identify the reasons people leave for parli and the reasons why.
Identify the average annual budget (adjusted for inflationa etc) for
programs in the top 10,25,50 of ceda rankings over the past decade.

Do we still want to be a part of the NDT process? Has it paid off for us?
Sometimes i think we tell the vicitors history here and it would be good to
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