[eDebate] worried about website prolif

Andy Ellis andy.edebate
Thu Jun 8 23:56:55 CDT 2006

i am aware of several proposals or implementations of new ceda websites,
while i agree the current site is verging on useless i think 20 different
websites could become problematic too. One of the current problems is
different sites maintained differently and organized individualy. Each of
the people maintaining these sites does a good job, but this could get out
of control quickly.

some suggestions (might be in place)
1) if we are going to have multiple independt cites (not abad idea given
their tottally differnt components) then perhaps they can be topics.ceda.org
results.ceda.org nationals.ceda.org etc
2)the PR committee (i think this is who is in charge) should launch a review
and search for alums/coaches/ who are professionals in the field to  design
and implement a new web organizational structure. The  needs and complaints
of the community should be assesed perhaps by outsiders to determine  how
the all things ceda approach can be stramlined and made actually
useful.Imafraid without the review we will take one persons idea put
ot on place and
still have everybody whose idea it wasnt complaining all the time
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