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There aren't a lot, so I thought I'd pass along this promotion that the author sent me, and it's only $5.


	By Donald J. Eberly and Reuven Gal
	With a guest chapter by Michael Sherraden

	Published in 2006 on the Internet at www.lulu.com 

Prices: $5.00 for download
Order softcover book at $13.70 plus postage, ISBN: 1-4116-7283-6
	Order hardcover book at $25.00 plus postage, ISBN 978-1-4116-8080-7

>From the Book Review section of Peace Corps Writers, May 2006, by Bryant Wieneke:

     ?SERVICE WITHOUT GUNS is an important book to read if you believe the world is too violent a place.  It may be even more important to read if you do NOT believe the world is too violent a place.
     ?This thoughtful and well-researched book
. Describe[s] the 20th century phenomena of declines in conscription-based armies, humanitarian missions performed by military organizations, and other linkages between military and non-military service.  Their view is that the time has come for national youth service to gain prominence independent of military organizations.  Ascribing the conception framework to William James in 1906, a long list of successful national youth service initiatives is presented, including American versions (Civilian Conservation Corps in 1933, Peace Corps in 1960, AmeriCorps in 1993) and comprehensive efforts in Germany, Israel, and Nigeria
     ?The authors provide additional insights into service-learning and the impact of national youth service, providing ideas on practical measures to advance non-military service.  Another chapter with relevance deals with the role of national youth service in community reconstruction and intercultural understanding.
     ?SERVICE WITHOUT GUNS is a book with a purpose.  It provides information on successful non-military service initiatives and demonstrates the positive effects of these initiatives.  Most importantly, the book provides a how-to guide for anyone who wants to make the world a better place through peaceful means, enhancing understanding among peoples while providing valuable services to societies around the world.  It is a dream worth pursuing.?
     Reuven Gal is the chairman of the Carmel Institute for Social Studies in Israel and the former Deputy Head of the Israeli National Security Council; Donald Eberly is the Honorary President of the International Association for National Youth Service and the founding director (1966) of the National Service Secretariat in the USA; and Michael Sherraden is George Warren Brown Professor of Social Work and head of the Global Service Institute at Washington University in St. Louis, USA. 
	See chapter headings and lead paragraphs of Service Without Guns.

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