[eDebate] Looking for debaters in the DC area

Sarah Holbrook sarp23
Mon Jun 12 17:04:55 CDT 2006

Hi folks,
This a forward from an old friend, Brian Long, who debated in high school in 
the DC area and is now involved in journalism. He's looking for debaters in 
the DC area for a current project, please contact him if interested.
Sarah Holbrook

brian.c.long at gmail.com
Hi Sarah,

I need some help.  Can you recommend a policy debater, preferably currently 
in college, and here in the DC area now or soon, who would be comfortable on 
camera for the washingtonpost.com, and articulate about the activity?  Or if 
you can't recommend someone for me, could you either send me some contacts 
to talk to about people or send my information to someone who might be able 
to help?


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