[eDebate] rove indictment reporter on radio @ 3:30 EST

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Tue Jun 13 14:05:06 CDT 2006


Jason Leopold, the Truthout.org reporter who asserted May 13 that Karl Rove 
had been indicted in the CIA leak case, has scheduled an appearance on the 
nationally syndicated Ed Schultz talk radio show at 3:30 PM ET, RAW STORY 
can reveal.

Truthout editor Mark Ash continues to stand by the indictment report, and a 
second piece yesterday in which Leopold asserted that Rove's indictment 
might be sealed.

"We are stunned by the magnitude of the reaction to the article we published 
yesterday morning," Ash said. "We have put our cards on the table. We invite 
Mr. Luskin to do the same."

"To clarify: The entire basis for the information that 'Rove has been 
cleared' comes from a verbal statement by Karl Rove's attorney. No one else 
confirms that. As Karl Rove's attorney Robert Luskin is bound to act - in 
all regards - in Rove's best interest. We question his motives."

No indication has been given of the nature of Leopold's appearance. He has 
said previously that he would out his sources if he believed he had been 

Leopold, who previously wrote for Salon and Dow Jones, wrote freelance 
articles for RAW STORY before his departure in January.


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