[eDebate] Vegas getting smarter by the day

Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Tue Jun 13 15:31:58 CDT 2006

so I am still in Vegas and am noticing a substantial and palpable daily increase in the local intellectual level as the left-idiots trickle on out, leaving the place to the pimps, dealers, and showgirls.  
I wish I had known that assjack had saved up all of his dishwashing earnings to be able to pay for his bus trip to Vegas.  I would surely have found him and taken a couple of pictures for those of you new to college debate to put on your tubs next to the monkey ( http://www.freakyhumor.com/pics.shtml?0060.jpg ).  But alas, it was not to be...
and a space topic would kick ass!  let's make it so in 2007!  while I enjoy coaching/hearing future accountant-lawyer-bureaucrat-polithacks debating legal issues as much as the next academic, something IMPORTANT like space would improve my mood considerably.  I promise.
Michael Korcok
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