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Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Wed Jun 14 09:27:26 CDT 2006

mr. born again christian neocon,

if truthout lost again, then why do they not feel the need to out their 
sources on the story?  pandering the bad source line?   rove implanted the 
story against himself to screw the lefties?   scroll down to the middle of 
the page to hear leopold, yesterday, wife beater:


seems like if leopold/truthout lost, they would have to yield to your bogus 
truth and admit defeat to retain journalistic credibility.

perhaps, great nazi lover of a too strong executive branch, the porcine 
operative cut and run on old dick cheney.   best scenario for you at this 
point is that he guarantees libby's jail time but looks more like cheney 
given that sunday wash post article few weeks back on dickhead's "junket" 
annotation in the margin (released by fitzgerald, dumbass).

remember, the murray waas article recently posted to edabait concerning 
ashcroft's late ass recusal or are you still smokin honkey house neocon 

well, mainstream media lover, long ago before the first of FIVE grand jury 
testimonies, your cool cutthroat master of undermining the democratic 
process was already busted for a cover up:


"Rove's version was strikingly similar to the one from Libby, who had also 
been a source for reporters about Plame. Libby's version to the FBI was that 
in telling reporters that Plame worked for the CIA and may have played a 
role in sending Wilson to Niger, he was merely passing on unsubstantiated 
rumors that he had heard from other reporters. But the indictment of Libby 
alleges that he lied about this, and instead was told about Plame by Cheney, 
an undersecretary of State, and at least two other government officials.

As National Journal reported recently, investigators further believed -- 
based on the timing of phone calls between Rove and Novak, and on other 
evidence -- that the Bush adviser and the columnist may have devised a cover 
story to conceal Rove's role in leaking information about Plame to Novak. 
Investigators were so concerned about this possibility that Ashcroft 
received a briefing specifically on that one topic, according to people 
familiar with those briefings."

why don't you attack murray waas' credibility too?  he is an opposing 
journalist.   that's the neocon way -- shoot the messenger, right little 

billmon has this to say:

"If Murray Waas is right (and he usually is) and the FBI agents who 
initially interviewed Rove and their superiors both believed the evil one 
bore false witness -- and so notified the Attorney General of the United 
States -- then it's not very plausible that Patrick Fitzgerald would decide, 
after sweating Rove five times in front of a grand jury, that it was all 
just an honest mistake. And the theory, currently being peddled by the naifs 
at New York Times, that Fitz relented because of allegedly exculpatory 
testimony from Rove's own mouthpiece doesn't even pass the laugh test."

i like the "no deal' proclamation from team nazi.   you buyin that crap too. 
   remember they aren't journalists just lawyers.  nice publication of the 
exciulpation letter from team nazi.   i like it.  hiding behind pig's skin.  
    i like this echo of what i have been saying:


"It may just turn out that Rove was so desperate to escape the likelihood of 
incarceration that he made a deal with Fitzgerald. He gets to walk away if 
he testifies against Scooter, and tells what he knows about Cheney and maybe 
even Bush, among others.

That certainly is one way to interpret the Rove news this morning. The other 
is that Fitzgerald simply didn't think he could make the charges stick 
against Rove and felt obliged to cut him loose.

If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on the former interpretation, or 
maybe even a combination of the two. Even just judging from news reporting 
on this story, it would appear that an open-and-shut case had been made for 
charging Rove with, at the very least, perjury and obstruction of justice. 
Whether or not Fitzgerald was convinced he could make the case stand up in 
court, he may have convinced Rove that conviction was pretty much a 

Rove's lawyer won't release the text of Fitzgerald's letter that reportedly 
gives his client a walk. It's possible there are hints in the actual text 
indicating why Rove is free to go: on condition that he cooperate with the 
ongoing investigation, that sort of thing.


Which brings us to Jason Leopold's story Monday that asserted, with far less 
bravado than his previous "scoop" weeks ago announcing Rove's "indictment," 
the likelihood that the indictment had been under seal for nearly five 
weeks. Leopold even supplied the title under which the likely indictment was 
kept secret ("Sealed vs. Sealed") and a case number ( "06 cr 128").

Hardly anyone was willing to publish that story. Was Leopold full of crap 
(again), many editors and bloggers mused? Or is there a more complicated, 
and compelling, interpretation?

Here's mine: If indeed Rove was told that a sealed indictment had been 
issued for his arrest in the case, it's possible that Fitzgerald used that 
scary fact as added inducement to Bush's chief political advisor to use this 
last chance to cut a deal. Rove, seeing the likely prison handwriting on the 
wall, made the deal, which took weeks of detailed discussions between Rove's 
team and
Fitzgerald to work out."

let's hear more cheers for team nazi from born again christian lover.   
let's hear more mainstream media quotations that really go deep into the 
matter.   let's celebrate karl rove, the great cheater, underminer of 
elections and any process democratic and now great ratfucker to bring down 
lawless dickhead cheney.   and finally let's hear all the great cut and run 
news from iraq and how many more innocent civilian terrorists korcok loves 
to see murdered and how many more nazi soldiers he neo-conned into an 
unnecessary death...long live the christian blood cult, death to sand 
niggers and their guerilla resistance of imperialism!!! the words of the 
great nazi core-cock himself!!!

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