[eDebate] cut&run howl of pain from haditha

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Wed Jun 14 10:05:27 CDT 2006


if only core-cock's nazi storm troopers could incinerate me from point 
blank.  i want to howl from the wrath of core-cock's christian crusaders.   
pls  ---  core-cock, stop your racism and bring your storm troopers onto 
home soil so you can do to the peace movement terrorists you have under 
surveillance what you are doing to the sand nigger terrorists living on top 
of the precious oil reserves.

pls --- i know your boyz are 0 for 3  in predicting victory in guerilla wars 
like vietnam, afghanistan and iraq.    the only difference, nazi lover, is 
that when you are wrong with your prediction there is more than a howl of 
pain.   there is systematic mass murder of innocent civilians which is 
unfortunately your philosophy as much as your policy.   calling me crazy is 
not an answer to the numerous hadithas going on.   your silence is absolute 
complicity, christian murder boy.

nice cut and run on the rove indictment line by line.   basically, you have 
nothing but an ad hom and an LA times story quoting a lawyer.   no wonder 
you prefer murder to dabait, you're fucking stupid, up there with w, can't 
go off prepared statements from speechwriters...

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