[eDebate] nazi con philosophy in action

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Wed Jun 14 16:59:23 CDT 2006

1) liberation now means creating smaller mass graves than saddam.   not to 
mention, that there is no source (i bet it's the US military or the recently 
closed PNAC) to substantiate the claim that state murder is down.  plus, 
averaging is convenient given that the christian blood cult may have hit 
higher numbers in one year than saddam did during one of his years of rule.  
  liberation -- to on average kill less innocent civialians than the 
obstacle to ownership of oil rights.   let's see your halliburton source on 
smaller mass graves.

2) "progress towards democracy" is a euphemism for civil war.   the best 
nazi cons can fabricate when THERE IS NO GOOD NEWS TO REPORT from iraq.  
again when you smoke enough neocon crack civil war looks like "progress 
towards democracy" with the only supporting claim being that despite a 
plethora of military murders of innocent civilians being covered up, it's 
still quantatively less than saddam's murders and therefore a worthwhile 
course of action that should continue indefinitely as long as we can 
maintain a little less murder than saddam and keep the oil:


Iraq is in the midst of a civil war. This civil war may have begun the day 
the Americans overthrew the old order in Iraq and established a new one, 
with Shias on top and Sunnis on the bottom, or it may have begun more 
specifically in 2005 when Iraq's police and army finally retaliated against 
the Sunni population for harboring the resistance, insurgency and the 
terrorists like Zarqawi who targeted Shia civilians. Sectarian cleansing 
began to increase and suddenly Sunnis felt targeted and vulnerable for the 
first time. Sunni militias that targeted the Americans became the Sunni 
militias that defended Sunni neighborhoods from the incursions of Shia 
militias and they began to retaliate following Shia attacks. But the Shias 
of Iraq have the police and army at their disposal, not to mention the 
American military, which has become merely one more militia among the many 
in Iraq, at times striking Shia targets but still mostly targeting the Sunni 
population, as the Haditha affair demonstrates...

We in the media are often pilloried for only reporting "the bad news" in 
Iraq. But there is no good news. Its too dangerous to even tell you how bad 
things really are, but they are worse than what you see on the media, not 
better. The insurgency is passe, Iraq is about the civil war, chaos, 
anarchy, random and deliberate violence everywhere. And it is spreading 
throughout the region. Instead of stabilizing the Middle East, the US war in 
Iraq is tearing it apart, destabilizing it, reviving radical Islam and 
jihadism and giving a bad name to reform and democracy." unquote

3) run with overhyped statements by rove's lawyer about his being cleared of 
charges.    satirize prediictions of his indictment.     no prediction of 
libby's innocence.   no remorse for intimidation of reporting against the 
war and a blatant crime that derives from the heart of the administration.   
no prediction of rove's turning state evidence.    just simpleton 
reiteration of mainstream media hype for the undiscerning followers of 
naziconism.    heil rove.   no prediction of at the very least cheney's 
appearance on the witness list in the libby trial.   no intricacy to the 
argument or analysis of the situation.   smoke enough nazicon crack and 
rove's lawyer's statements without confirmation from the prosecutor become 
reason to gloat and suppress analysis of the implications.

ps..truthout loses again.   another remorseless storm trooper murder of 
innocent sand niggers of quantitative value in justifying the illegitimate 
war and another cover up by the christian blood cult brothers and sisters 
seeking zero accountability as they slide into the murder zone of fascism.  
the bush administration is preferred b/c they set the model for smoking 
enough nazicon crack to numb oneself to the reality of systematic mass 
murder.  as if there are not hundreds of these coverups that have gone 
unreported as official nazicon polic of disinformation.   better murder is 
good policy, IF YOU ARE A NAZICON:


Another US Cover-Up Surfaces
    By Dahr Jamail and Arkan Hamed
    Inter Press Service

    Monday 12 June 2006

    Baghdad - In the wake of the Haditha massacre, reports of another 
atrocity have surfaced in which U.S. troops killed two women in Samarra, and 
then attempted to hide evidence of their responsibility.

    Among the innumerable such cases people speak of, this one too has now 
come to light.

    According to an earlier account, Nabiha Nisaif Jassim, a 35-year-old 
mother of two, was killed in firing along with her 57-year-old cousin Saliha 
Mohammed Hassan on May 30 when they were being transported to Samarra 
General Hospital for Nabiha to give birth.

    What was not reported, according to an Iraqi human rights investigator 
who spoke with IPS on condition of anonymity, was that both women were shot 
in the back of the head by U.S. snipers.

    "I investigated this incident myself, and both of these women were shot 
from behind," said the investigator. "Nabiha's brains were splattered on her 
brother who was driving the car, since she was in the back seat."

    The U.S. military said soldiers fired on the car after it entered a 
"clearly marked prohibited area near an observation post" after failing to 
stop despite "repeated visual and auditory warnings." The U.S. military said 
in a statement that "shots were fired to disable the vehicle."

    The brother of the pregnant woman, Redam Nisaif Jassim, who was driving 
the car, told IPS that he neither saw nor heard any warnings by the U.S. 
military. Two men who witnessed the incident from a nearby home also said 
they saw no signs of any warning.

    "These kinds of killings by the Americans happen daily in Iraq," said 
Jassim, "They gave no warning to us before killing my cousin and sister. Of 
course we know they have no respect for the lives of Iraqis."

    The U.S. military claims the incident is being investigated.

    The Haditha slaughter in which 24 Iraqis were killed is under 
investigation for the incident itself, and further for the cover-up, since 
the initial report given by the Marine Corps stated only that 15 civilian 
deaths were caused by a roadside bomb and fighting with insurgents.

    In this case too, all signs point to a cover-up. "The area where they 
were killed by the Americans was completely unmarked," the human rights 
investigator told IPS. A warning sign at the place was put up after the two 
women were killed, he said.

    Like the Haditha massacre, this incident too should be investigated both 
for the killing and the cover-up, he said.

    According to the investigator, the U.S. troops who killed the two women 
made no attempt to assist them after the shooting.

    The next day Redam Jassim was summoned to a local police station. "The 
Americans offered me 5,000 dollars, and told me it wasn't compensation but 
because of tradition," Jassim told IPS. The U.S. military pays usually 2,500 
dollars compensation for killing an Iraqi. Jassim says he refused the 

    The U.S. military recently announced in a Defence Department report 
provided to Congress that it paid out 19 million dollars in compensation to 
Iraqis last year -- half of which paid out by Marines in al-Anbar province 
west of Baghdad.

    The military claimed the amount was paid in 600 separate incidents, but 
it is common knowledge in Iraq that the usual payout for a non-combat 
civilian death is 2,500 dollars.

    A payment of 19 million dollars compensation at 2,500 dollars a person 
would suggest such killings in thousands.

    Jassim told IPS and the human rights investigator that he was asked by 
the Americans' translator to sign a paper written in English. The family and 
their relatives live in a village called al-Muta'assim, a 40-minute drive 
from the main hospital in Samarra.. Most people there, like the Jassims, 
neither speak nor read English.

    After he signed the paper, Jassim was offered 2,500 dollars by U.S. 
soldiers, which he again refused.

    "It is clear the Americans tried to cheat him as well as cover up their 
tracks at the same time," the investigator told IPS. "Like in Haditha, this 
incident, along with so many others we cannot keep track of, requires a 
truly independent investigation, rather than one by the U.S. military."

    Phone calls and emails to the U.S.. military spokesperson in Baghdad 
have not been returned.


just admit it nazi murder boy.   you love war and fear and wiretapping the 
opponents and jailing them for their beliefs and outing CIA agents for 
revenge and a police state and liberation in the form of murder and 
executive secrecy and disinformation and suppression of dabait...stop 
pretending like that's funny b/c it's fucking sick...

stannard is a fag PC referee...

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