[eDebate] sudden nazicon silence...ummmm

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Thu Jun 15 09:58:57 CDT 2006

like the administration, murder boy has no defense of the war other than 
weak comparative analysis, no defense of cheney, libby and rove's 
participation in the outing of plame, no defense of hundreds of US military 
murders of innocent civilians that have been covered up in an overt policy 
of systematic mass murder that rivals saddam, no defense of jocular support 
for fascism, no defense of anything BECAUSE his wife's jesus christ is gonna 
save him and all the US military murderers when they die and that's the only 
thing the christian blood cult brothers and sisters got goin for 'em.   the 
sand niggers get 16 virgins but the nazicons get "forgiveness" as long as 
you smoke enough of their crack to believe that shit...

only logical conclusion: core-cock can't dabait for shit.  everytime he gets 
embroiled in a dabait w us, we close the door on his arguments and he 
concedes.  the archives are there to prove it.   we love to start the dabait 
w ad homs and mudslinging as a luer then smack your piece of shit fascist 
ass when you try to argue.  our intention is to demonstrate the weakness of 
nazicon argument in general and their success in deteriorating argument as a 
component of centralizing power in the executive branch.    that's their 
only argument really:  executive branch good.    secrecy, intimidation, 
surveillance, disinformation, murder, election fraud etc.   that's the 
backbone of irving kristol and co no matter how many times they quote adam 
smith and locke and the "scottish enlightenment".   when you clarify their 
own argumentative ground, they cut and run like scared little girls b/c the 
smoke screen on all of their ideological spin is gone.

i want to hear the defense of karl rove's biography that exonerates him from 
chronic cheating of the political process--- i want a line by line defense 
of each incident cited in our "smear career" post in the archives.    any 
celebration of the recent "exoneration" of this piece of shit scumbag sends 
a message to the community that core-cock holds the democratic political 
process in disdain and champions its mockery.   the only reason anyone could 
like karl rove is because he knows how to steal elections and win at any 
cost.   in other words, anyone who likes karl rove is a porcine enemy of 
democracy and dabait.   not only did rove orchestrate suppression of votes 
in 2000 to win the election, but herbert from the NYT, murder boy's big 
source on the rove clearance, demonstrates that in order to win reelection w 
needed to rove to cheat ohio:


Republicans, and even a surprising number of Democrats, have been anxious to 
leave the 2004 Ohio election debacle behind. But Kennedy, in his long, 
heavily footnoted article ("Was the 2004 Election Stolen?"), leaves no doubt 
that the democratic process was trampled and left for dead in the Buckeye 
State. Kerry almost certainly would have won Ohio if all of his votes had 
been counted, and if all of the eligible voters who tried to vote for him 
had been allowed to cast their ballots.

No one has been able to prove that the election in Ohio was hijacked. But 
whenever it is closely scrutinized, the range of problems and dirty tricks 
that come to light is shocking. What's not shocking, of course, is that 
every glitch and every foul-up in Ohio, every arbitrary new rule and 
regulation, somehow favored Bush.

Walter Mebane Jr., a professor of government at Cornell University, did a 
statistical analysis of the vote in Franklin County, which includes the city 
of Columbus. He told Kennedy, "The allocation of voting machines in Franklin 
County was clearly biased against voters in precincts with high proportions 
of African-Americans."

Mebane told me that he compared the distribution of voting machines in 
Ohio's 2004 presidential election with the distribution of machines for a 
primary election held the previous spring. For the primary, he said, "There 
was no sign of racial bias in the distribution of the machines." But for the 
general election in November, "there was substantial bias, with fewer voting 
machines per voter in areas that were heavily African-American."

come on, core-cock start quoting truman's '52 speech @ annapolis about 
democracy promotion and gives us all of that existing policy analysis that 
demarcates democracy promotion as the main factor in the demise of the evil 
empire and rack up another prediction regarding vietnam.   the nazicons are 
really smart guyz, man.   like a bad mechanic, they know just enough to fuck 
everything up with piss poor argument and analysis.   they are mainstream 
media buzzword factory workers and that's it/   nixon was realist smart 
enough to pull out of vietnam.   these die hard ideologues will never  admit 
their wrong about anything ever b/c they are the elite core of the christian 
blood cult.   with enough power concentrated in the hands of the executive 
branch and enough crack in the honkey house, murder needs no argument to 
back it up.   we congratulate mikael core-cock for stepping forward to make 
the case for the reality of nazicon philosophy.   pls try to continue to 
defend naziconism...we know you are dumb enough...

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