[eDebate] the sad sad dabait community posters

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Thu Jun 15 20:50:43 CDT 2006

we have heard crap that whines about deleting emails from their inboxes as 
well as characterizing our speech as the "iraq DA" and "anti-bush stufff".

we have been posting for years as phallus jerkins, the schizoliberation 
front, jack stroube and now jake stromboli.   you can attempt to mitigate 
our efforts but i guarantee you we are the only people to have been censored 
from this list with 2 email accounts closed.   i don't close other people' s 
accounts because they are predictably and originally posting the details of 
another resolution that is being constructed basically the same way they 
have been for decades despite their originality and predictability.   
"resolved:"   the USFG oooh or maybe we'll modify the agent and really 
change shit up that will blow your fucking mind like peyote on a hot summer 
day.   should it be "change" or "adopt" this year.  i don' t know.  the 
implications either way are tremendous.   how abuout a supreme court agent 
this time with an overturn action?   that'll open the door for race dabaits 
and ample critique space embedded in the wording of the resolution.   
mindblowing shit that is unoriginal and unpredictable.   cool, be a rote 
dabaiter every year and go to the same tournaments with the same judges and 
make the same arguments and guess what the same elite teams will win the NDT 
everywhere except nwestern and dartmouth.    at least, these rote 
modifications entertain the original and predictable commentators on this 
list serv.   frankly, i've heard all of this original and predictable topic 
committee crap for decades and it's still clogging my inbox, mr. 

if you weren't so stupid, you just hit delete and go back to your lilttle 
world of confinement and submission to fascism.

we will tell you straight up that your little expert dabait resolution 
doesn't fucking matter and is an actual cog in the formation of fascism.

if you guys weren't so busy on lexis-nexis all the time searching and 
searching for evidence and took a little step back from your programmed and 
predictable actions, you would study the history of the nazicons and realize 
that they are not fucking around with the suprression of dabait and 
especially any possible impact of dabait on the formation of policy.

that's the key and you are too busy running around like a chicken with your 
head cut off trying to find out what case harvard ran in the first round @ 
UNI to realize how fucking irrelevant and under the control of naziconism 
you are.   rove's plan is to have you reassert your importance as a dabaiter 
and the importance of your expert community in reply to stromboli's attacks. 
   despite your lackluster performance during the executive consolidation 
during which you have done nothing but blow hot air amongst your colleagues 
on the sidelines of public policy in preparation for your future career, you 
think your opinion matters anymore.

you are so addcited to traveling around the country to different campuses to 
inhabit different hotels and college classrooms that you could never 
consider a historical review of the formation of your actions that would 
detail the explicit construction of those actions by the nazicons in the 
form of BLIND OBEDIENCE.   students from the '60s were not pussies like you 
and were not content with shouting in the classroom and 29 speaker points 
for a little minstrel show.   students clashed with the police and occupied 
buildings on student campuses because they realized that their classroom 
chat was not ample to stop nixon's systematic mass murder of the gook 
cambodians and vietnamese.   these students of yesteryear whose number one 
priority was not the content of emails in their inboxes took risks that you 
will never take b/c nazicon fear has been indoctrinated into your blood and 
bones and nazi ideology student protest washed into your brains.   you are 
uneducated, weak and stupid and that is why you don't know the history of 
student movements and their rhetorical strategies such that you get confused 
by its presentation.   keep thinking "dabait" as you know it matters and 
this country will continue to slide down the slippery slope of fascism with 
your now known complicity.

we have published thousands of pages with documentation and evidence 
available in the ndtceda.com archives that explain your complicity and i 
guarantee you you will find not one even close to decent response.    the 
insular commmunity of experts feels that an insular recognition of community 
amongst dabaiters is a sufficient yet sympathetic reply.   you should read 
guy debord and william s. burroughs as much as you can before you try to 
reenter the fray.

in the archives you will find cutting edge ideas regarding the making of 
resolutions and the distribution of evidence.

but more important than your little armchair classroom world of obedience, 
you will find in the archives repeated unanswered requests for non-violent 
civil disobedience by college dabait teams in the form of student sit-ins on 
college campuses.   your critique fags pretend that sit-ins were 
intellectually defeated by the vanguard left who determined their impotence, 
but if you study some anti-lexis stuff you will realize that  the 
elimination of sit-ins and the role they played in nixon's pullout of 
vietnam was designed by the very nazicons you feign to oppose (specifically 
to prevent the reversal of policies of systematic mass murder).

i hope that college dabait teams begin planning now the occupation of 
college campuses to commence the first day of the fall semester to prevent 
those institutions from opening on schedule.  resolved:  students should 
demand the withdrawal of US murder squads from iraq and the impeachment of 
the porcine vice president.   if you can't take your so-called dabait skills 
into the public sphere on NPR and CNN, then you are worthless, wasting your 
time, and falling for da nazicon bait of insular expert discussion groups.   
your fears of disciplinary action and career implications are disgraceful 
complicity with systematic mass murder and reckless public policy.

sit-ins are the most effective form of protest available to the resistance.  
  unlike street protests, students warrant public sympathy and almost always 
except examples like kent state corner university authorities into fair 
treatment.   the sit-ins should be planned to happen in a series so that 
when one gets shut down another team occupies another campus with the same 
predictable and original demands.   eventually university authorities will 
realize the pointlessness of forcing students to leave and that the message 
will not go away before the elections or after until systematic mass murder 
is no longer condoned by the USFG and its citizens legal and illegal.   
sit-ins obviate infiltration by COINTELPRO type intelligence agencies 
because there is no street fighting where anarchist plants can unnecessarily 
attack authorities.   sit-ins last longer than the street protests of today 
and thereby attain greater public visibility and message impact on the 
public sphere.   a dabait front of occupiers will also mitigate intelligence 
infiltration and sabotage.   please make the case for the deliberate 
deterioration of dabait on a real stage where there are stakes other than 
trophies and personal image points.   otherwise, you are complicit in the 
demise of your own activity.   the majority of people in this country are 
against the war with the very little dabait about the war allowed in the 
mainstream media and we still have a policy of infinite presence in the 
middle east.  the minority nazicons are imposing their will on the people 
and will continue to do so no matter how few people support their war 
because they have virtually mastered the manipulation of the political 
process to do whatever the fuck they want.   more serious measures of 
opposition are required to make more serious any pretense of opposition.   
screaming about murder in iraq in front of your predictable and original 
friends at your annual tournaments doesn't cut the mustard.   it is welcomed 
by the minority rulers because it poses ABSOLUTELY ZERO threat to their 
policy and their ability to implement that policy without sufficient public 
dabait.   the nazicons prefer you NOT to convince the "lay public" that the 
war is the first step in the formation of a modified fascist government in 
the united states and that the only way to stop the slide down the slippery 
slope is to end the war.   the only way the "lay public" will ever listen to 
you is if you occupy a building and create national crisis in the university 
system that is producing orientalist knowledge for the miltiary and 
intelligence agencies deployed in the war and as tools in the suppression of 

ede warner well knows that rosa parkes didn't make her contribution to civil 
rights in the classroom and that if she and others hadn't occupied public 
spaces, he would never have dabaited or seen a "white" bathroom.   stop this 
resolution semantic wording mind game verbal trap shit and fucking do 
something to stop the racist colonial war.   courts are fly paper and the 
only gains in the courts come in the aftermath of social movement resistance 
involving the occupation of public spaces.

until you study the edabait archives more and the history of student 
movements, please shut up and don't embarass your intelligence anymore.

if it were not for student occupations, you would being study arcane 
curriculums from the 1940s, have no access to the opposite sex at night, no 
student publications and no history other than obedient, predictable and 
original replication of the da-bait pro-grams allowed by the status quo 

lastly, if you are serious about ousting the nazicons in the next 
congressional elections then you will not remain content with predictable 
and original voter registration campaigns and vote fraud watchdog efforts.   
instead, you should create a national crisis in the university system and 
force the public dabait over iraq and impeachment that have been 
deliberately suppressed by the nazicons.  do not fall for da bait that 
elections are a statist scam and realize the ways in which social movements 
have fostered their agendas through the manipulation of political parties 
and their inherent and obvious weaknesses.   students are the most powerful 
force in this country and the nazicons have been celebrating the dissolution 
of their organizing efforts for three decades and the apparent fact that it 
is now impossible for the public to end a war once started no matter how big 
a failure.   please, study the possibilities and don't be brainwashed by 
your coaches into going on the regular, predictable, and original tournament 
schedule next year.   systematic mass murder is unthinkable after hitler but 
it's happening again now and the blood is on our hands again despite the 
lessons of vietnam.


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