[eDebate] pentagon produces anti-dabait talking points

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Fri Jun 16 07:59:31 CDT 2006

your classroom activity is insufficient and its exclusive nature directly 
contributes to the demise of dabait.   the nazicons have new, more nefarious 
strategies to fluster and make irrelevant policy dabaits.   under these 
conditions, all of your assumptions about the efficacy of any of your 
opposition to naziconism must be questioned and re-evaluated.   this is a 
systematic suppression of policy dabait.   to sit on the sidelines and think 
up new ways to justify your habitual existence in the community under these 
conditions is indefensible cowardice.   you are with the nazicons and are 
unwilling to put your body on the line to stand up for what supposedly you 
stand for in life.   dabait erosion is more important than another 
resolution.   permute your current existence with alternative measures and 
fucking do something:


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