[eDebate] The HEAT is REALLY ON

Darren Elliott delliott
Fri Jun 16 12:44:47 CDT 2006

Come on we got a former KU boy on the Heat.  And Shaq deserves one cause he finally got away from that big baby Kobe.

I'm still saying Heat in 6.

Have you and Jackie ever judged on a panel together?  Although in the world of MPJ I realize how absurd that might be.  : )


>>> "Josh Hoe" <jbhdb8 at gmail.com> 06/16/06 12:28 PM >>>
Let me get this straight....so far our Heat fans on edebate are from
Commanche Oklahoma, Kansas City, and somewhere with swamps?

Broken.....right....I would wait a bit before being so sure :)


ps. do Jackie and I agree on anything?  Is this like a record for
consecutive disagreements?

On 6/15/06, debate at ou.edu <debate at ou.edu> wrote:
> Shaq has awaken
> D-Wade has shown up
> this Maverick team has now been broken........
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