[eDebate] The HEAT really is ON

Jason Russell jasonlrussell1
Sat Jun 17 10:44:43 CDT 2006

Josh, I dont think that the situation is so much that people love the Heat,
although Acosta and Steinberg are above reproach here, but almost everyone
hates to see people from Texas succeed at things. Certainly my cause for
supporting the Heat -- they are the "Not from Texas Team". Go everyone not
from Texas. And seriously, no one is as sweet as DWade.

Also, calm down about Stack. He deserved it and everyone knows it. You dont
get to do your flying, two-fisted Superman punch on Shaq or anyone and play
the next game. That was a brutal foul that if he hadnt been suspended would
have been the worst standard ever, the refs saying, "you can do that to
Shaq, but no one else."

Please god, dont let Dallas win at anything ever.

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