[eDebate] Miami HOTTER than Dallas (Salvatore gets credit for the assist)

Michael Antonucci antonucci23
Mon Jun 19 00:03:51 CDT 2006

Josh is obviously right.  Dallas fans should be
infuriated right now.

I haven't seen officiating that interventionist since
Game 6 of the Western Conference finals 02. 
(Remember, that was the game that prompted RALPH NADER
to call for reviews of the officiating.)
I don't know who decided to anoint Wade or when they
decided to do it - but anointed he is.

Go Mavs.  If the refs actually let normal play occur
in 6 & 7, they are the better team, for what that's

(PS I don't have any real ties to Dallas, but I know
robbery when I see it.)


Hard to win when Miami gets 49 foul shots and we get
25 (and have a critical 
player suspended).....especially when the last two
foul shots are for the 
game (and when Wade was barely touched if touched at

Always great to see a game decided at the line, 

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