[eDebate] Heat facts and Fouls

Roy R. Levkovitz rlevkov
Mon Jun 19 01:00:56 CDT 2006

I?ve kept quiet on this issue cause I teach with Josh and Josh is my boss, but
now its officially time to call shenanigans on this absurdity.  

I don?t know that the heat are the better team, but to say that the refs called
this game unfairly on behalf of the heat shows an utter lack of understanding
of the game of basketball.   

An issue to the periphery of all of this is the Suspension of Stackhouse- 
anyone with a brain knew this game was gonna be called a lot tighter.  The
first 3 mins of the game, the refs had already called 2 fouls on Haslem and
Walker, forcing riley to bring in seldom used Shannon Anderson.  So lets not
pretend the heat were not adversely effected by the tighter officiated game.

Argument: the heat show 49 free throws and the mavs 25.  
Truth- yes there were more fouls called on the mavericks, but there are 2
reasons the heat shot more personal fouls

1.)	The heat take the ball to the hoop and don?t just shoot jump shots- the
mavs are a great shooting team, but hardly take the ball to the hoop.  Almost
all of D-wade?s foul shots came at times when he took the ball to the basket,
induced a foul and made it to the line.  The heat play a penetration game,
there game is centered around taking the ball to the basket and making
something happen.  

2.)	Did you all forget hack a shaq and the 3 centers whose only job is to foul
shack.  You?re 3 centers had a combined 15 fouls on shaq.  Diop, Dampier and
Mbegna?s only job has been to contain the big diesel.  They are told to foul
and foul often.  Shaq alone had 12 freethrow shot attempts. 

Dallas fans cant have it both ways- you can?t foul shaq and then be like ?WTF
how did you all call so many fouls on us.?

38 fouls were called on the Mavs.  From what I can remember from the game
without going back to the fouls specifically, 4 of those fouls (including 2 in
the fourth quarter which brought about 4 foul shots) were hack a shaq fouls. (2
in OT on Devin Harris, and one on JTerry)

So 38 fouls ? 4 hack a shaq fouls = 34 fouls total
26 fouls were called on the heat.  34-26 = 8 foul difference.   When you
consider that there were at least 2-3 Diop/Dampier fouls that were
intentionally done to prevent Shaq from an easy basket the difference drops to
a 5 or 6 foul difference.  Not so significant.  

The foul on the last play might have been questionable, but wade definitely got
fouled on his game tying shot before OT, which would have prevented this whole
OT to begin with. 

Maybe the mavs should consider taking the ball to the hoop more if they want
more foul shots.  The fact that there wasn?t a significant difference in the
actual number of fouls called just proves that the heat?s aggressive take it to
the hoop strategy was effective in producing points. 


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