[eDebate] Lefkovitz Shot Chart

Michael Antonucci antonucci23
Mon Jun 19 04:08:16 CDT 2006

"You?re right I didn?t keep a shot chart, but ESPN.com
did and 
I?ve included it here as evidence 


Heat had 13 shots in the pain 
Mavs had 3 or 3.5 depending on if you count one from
the top right that is 
sorta in the paint."

I believe that you are misreading your shot chart.

The shot chart notes Dallas shots in the paint from
about the same position.  They shot from about three
spots, if that's accurate, but that doesn't mean they
took three shots.

Review quarter by quarter, or player by player, to
reduce the overlap that misled you.

That's a quibble, of course.  Your overall point -
Shaq scores more than Dampier - is quite true, but not
really relevant to the issue of whether specific fouls
were called correctly.

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