[eDebate] stop crying dallas fans

Malcolm Gordon malgorthewarrior
Mon Jun 19 10:10:37 CDT 2006

Yes, this game was officiated very tightly.  Yes there were bad calls 
against BOTH TEAMS.  Everyone agrees it was a great game.  Why are all of 
the Dallas fans crying so much?  Dallas still has home court advantage.

"no one wants to see such a great game decided literally by the officials"

well, the game is decided by the officials either way.  To say that the 
officials only have a role in deciding the game if they call the foul is 
bullshit.  If they wouldn't have called that foul you'd have twenty heat 
fans crying over how the game was decided by the refs because they no called 

Case in point-San Antonio doesn't go to the NBA finals.  Why?  Because with 
two seconds left in regulation of game 7 Tim Duncan gets an offensive 
rebound had has 3 mavericks players literally haning on him as he tries to 
go up with the rebound...there is no call.  That is officiating deciding a 
game as well, but you Mav lovers will conveniently disregard that memory.

Officiating is very subjective, but the last two calls of the game were good 
calls, cept that foul shouldn't have been called ON DIRK.  
Webber...errr....Howard definitely called a timeout.

I agree with Hoe, process is important, but officiating in sports, 
especially basketball, isn't that fair of an argument to squabble over.  
Even if you claim to be "neutral" as far as being a fan, people will see 
every call completely differently.  I don't trust any Dallas fan to tell me 
a call was wrong just like you will all respond and try to call me a blind 
idiot because i want the heat to win.

The one thing that I thought was solid about the officiating was that it was 
pretty consistent, the problem is that when the mavs get a shot off it's 
usually wide open or someone taking a shot while a Heat player is trying to 
get back to their man, even their shots in the paint go down like this.  it 
is hard for the ref to call a foul on an undefended shot.  When you have 3 
men trying to snatch the ball while wade is going up that is a foul.

Most of y'all are forgetting that the foul rule is written pretty strictly.  
A defender can't move his feet  and expect a no-call.  Why do you think 
James Posey gets grilled to the floor ten times a game, because he knows 
that if an offensive player is going to put his forearm up to push off for a 
shot you have to be planted to get an offensive foul called.

Look, what should really be worrying Mavs fans is that D Wade is emerging as 
the best basketball player in the NBA during this series.  Does that help 
him get calls?  Yes it does, but Dirk gets to the line everytime he takes it 
to the rim.  He just settles for a pull up fadeaway.  Does Wade get to the 
foul line when he takes a fade away...NO.  Does Wade get to the line when he 
takes contact and adjusts his shot, YES.  If Dirk were to do this everytime 
he gets the ball would he shoot twenty free throws...YES.

Dallas has to contain D Wade.  What's getting all these Mavs fans' tear 
ducts going is that everyone underestimated D Wade and how good he could be 
on his own.  Hands down this is the best anyone since MJ has performed in 
the NBA finals.  He is clutch.  Even Heat fans underestimated his impact on 
the series.  He is doing exactly what MJ did-winning games on his 
own...completely dominating every possession during clutch times.  I didn't 
realize he was this good.  It seems stupid not to have predicted it.  before 
he had Shaq, as a rookie, he did take his team to the Semifinals of the 
Eastern Conference and give Indiana a run for their money.

The "new, defensive minded" Dallas Mavericks can't contain one player during 
the most important time in the game.  If Dirk would score 15 points in the 
fourth quarter the Mavs would also win.

Instead of crying over an officiated call you better light a candle or 
sacrifice a goat or do something to get the Mavs' heads out of their asses, 
two games on the road that they could have won and completely messed up.  
You don't win NBA championships giving up to games you had a chance to win 
(Game 3 virtually guaranteed to win) in the fourth quarter.

But, again, no need to be so outraged, dallas still has home court 
advantage.  Dirk made clutch shots he just didn't make as many as D Wade.

I think everyone agrees that Game 5 was by far the best of the series.  a 
back and forth game is much better than games with a string of 7-10 point 

Tell you what, though, i'm just in awe of this Mavs Defense.  I'm so 
impressed.  This D is so much better than anything I've ever seen before.  
Well, if Dirk doesn't want Wade to be the MVP he better do something.

Now that I've angered all of you "hardcore Mavs fans" i'm sure i'm stupid 
and don't know anything about basketball and the game is definitely rigged 
against dallas and d wade gets all the calls and it isn't 
fair...........sniffle sniffle


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