[eDebate] last heat post till tuesday night

Roy R. Levkovitz rlevkov
Mon Jun 19 18:46:01 CDT 2006

this vortex sucks up too much time,  i somehow agree with james that this
discussion is getting old, my final responses to the irrational Josh's below

Debating the Josh?s on basketball is always pretty fun since they lose all
semblance of rationality when they discuss something they care about and just
get irate over randomness.

The most ridiculous assertion is that you all are better fans then everyone and
nobody else knows anything about basketball, get off your high horses! if this
is your understanding of the game, then I am the fucking Hubey Brown of this
edebate discussion

Both of you sports experts, as I can tell by your prime physical shape and
athleticism have conceded probably the most important argument heat fans and
those who don?t think the game is ?rigged? have made.  A total of 38 fouls were
called on the mavs,  4 of those were obvious hack a shaq fouls (2 in the fourth
and 2 in OT) for clarification purposes for jbhoe, I defined fouls like Diop
and Dampier?s bear hugs to prevent shaq from shooting high percentage shots as
also hack a shaqs.  When you combine the 4 intentional fouls with the 3 other
bear hug type fouls.  The foul number moves down to 31 (38-7).  The heat were
charged with 26 total fouls.  A 5 foul disparity is not as huge as you all want
it to be.  The fact that you all seemed to get called for the fouls early is
what put you all in the penalty, giving us more shots.  BUT AT THE END OF THE

Suggestions for Dallas, Jbhoe and Branson
Maybe you all should work on getting Josh Howard some brains.  I mean I know he
came from Wake and all, but boning 2 free throws with 50 seconds left, along
with his great time out call really helped you all out.  MAYBE AVERY JOHNSON
Shouldn?t put his hands up like he wants a timeout called and tell Jason terry
to call it after the second shot.  Maybe dirk your 90% free throw shooter
should make his foul shots when he gets them in the clutch.  The German
sensation has now missed big foul shots in 2 games in Miami.  So much for a
clutch player.  Even shaq, the worst free throw shooter maybe ever was able to
make his in the clutch.  Big time players make big plays, and shaq did what he
needed to do.

You can always second guess calls, there was contact on the play, do the refs
secretly want the heat to win? Give me a break branson, I love you and all, but
your love for the mavs has really effected your argument ability.  

This is basketball it?s the nba finals, you lose and move on, the mavs and
apparently their fans just love complaining about everything.  Even if the heat
caught some breaks you all still should have sealed the deal, but you boned it,
and you lost.  You think you all are the better team, Suck it up and win 2 in a
row at home.  

The hubris of your giant game 3 lead might end up coming back to bite you in
the ass, this is what happens when teams get lazy and complacent.  You can
blame me, the refs, the humidity, the girls in Miami, but this thing should be
over,  you were up 15 with 6 mins left with a 2-0 lead,  whatever happens in
this series  those 6 mins of lazy play are the reason we are still in this

Whats up with all the roy hating btw?  How has making fun of me become more en
vogue then making fun of branson or jbhoe?

Whatever either way this is gonna be a fun game to watch tomorrow night.


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