[eDebate] genius of stromboli rove indictment stand

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Mon Jun 19 21:46:20 CDT 2006

leftist pussies all over the place @ dailykos, democraticunderground and 
salon have abandoned leopold and fallen for da rove bait that leopold was 
set up on the indictment story but stromboli with his incisive understanding 
of the dynamics of the case called bullshit on the majority opinion of the 
liberals and leftists who have publicly burned leopold's credibility out of 
convenience and reactive fear of the rove team overhype.   we still stand by 
our post from last night and contend that a close look at the dynamics of 
the case including rove's FIVE grand jury testimonies make the liberal cop 
out to the mainstream media appear ridiculous.

our favorite paragraphs from today's truthout statement read:

"The electronic communication from Fitzgerald to Luskin, coming immediately 
on the heels of our Monday morning, June 12 article "Sealed vs. Sealed" that 
became the basis for the mainstream media's de facto exoneration of Karl 
Rove was, our sources told us, negotiated quickly over the phone later that 
afternoon. Luskin contacted Fitzgerald, reportedly providing concessions 
that Fitzgerald considered to be of high value, and Fitzgerald reportedly 
reciprocated with the political cover Rove wanted in the form of a letter 
that was faxed to Luskin's office.

Our sources provided us with additional detail, saying that Fitzgerald is 
apparently examining closely Dick Cheney's role in the Valerie Plame matter, 
and apparently sought information and evidence from Karl Rove that would 
provide documentation of Cheney's involvement. Rove apparently was reluctant 
to cooperate and Fitzgerald, it appears, was pressuring him to do so, our 
sources told us."

exactly as we predicted from the getgo of the delayed fitzgerald public 
announcement.   truthout had every opportunity to retract their story today 
and they stood by it with the EXPLOSIVE implications that dick cheney is not 
only an intended witness but most likely next to be indicted and that is the 
only way that porcine rove could get off.

remember the mainstream reports hyped by corecock et al. failed to produce 
the communique between fitzgerald and rove and were never confirmed by 
fitzgerald.  the whole pristine reputation of karl rove was erroneously 
dragged throught the mud theory is so bogus, it's hard to imagine what depth 
of political scumbucketry operatives like core-cock live in to believe and 
promulgate that shit.   they go with unsustantiated misinformation to 
promote their cause at any cost.   they just want to win and they don't care 
how dirty you have to play to get there.   they are reassured by the 
statements of lawyers unconfirmed by prosecutors.

core-cock et al have no reply to the fitzgerald disclosure to the washington 
post many sundays ago that cheney has an annotation in the margins of 
newspaper article by wilson that refers to his trip to niger as " junket".   
the idea that cheney was the originator of the plot to discredit wilson 
during a time when the american public was unsure about the neocon demand 
for war against iraq and disinformation about WMDs was the key to their 
THEORY AS FAR AS I KNOW.   the only thing i have seen are prayers that 
cheney can avoid the witness list with executive privileged cowardice.   no 
one on the neocon team wants to even speculate that cheney is now a subject 
of the investigation which is why it is better to sleep with a COINTELPRO 
type story that keeps using the reporter's name juxtaposed with drug abuse 
instead of actually defending cheney based on the dynamics of the case and 
defending his apparent revenge against the wilsons.   fitzgerald has motive 
in the margins.  he only needs fingerprints to get a conviction.

ty and goodnight...truthout loses again on the forthcoming CHENEY INDICTMENT 

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