[eDebate] 3 Reasons You Can Count On The Mavs!

Ryan Chorkey Burke burkery1
Tue Jun 20 23:14:49 CDT 2006

The Top 3 Reasons Dallas Will Win the NBA Finals: 

1) Improved Defense. Seriously, the Mavs have become an all-NBA caliber 
defensive team. It would be fair to say that each of Dallas?s starters 
could have been named defensive player of the year.
2) Dirk is a legitimate MVP candidate. Seriously, this guy is really good. 
If he were on MTV?s Rock & Jock basketball, he would average 400+ points 
per game, relieving Dean Cain as the game?s all time best player. This guy 
is a fourth quarter performer.
3) The ?Run and Gun? style of basketball is finally going to win an NBA 
championship. Obviously, the Steve Nash era in Dallas has produced a winning 
format for offensive style. European-style play is the new wave for great 
NBA teams. 


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