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Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Tue Jun 20 23:52:50 CDT 2006

1. Real Heat fans.  Congratulations on a well-deserved win tonight.  The
telling stat is you outrebounded my Mavs tonight.  The real difference was,
as someone said way long ago, Riley who severely outcoached Avery in the
last three games of the series.  In addition, before canonizing Wade you
should realize that this was a character win and the main reasons you won in
this order were:

4. Antoine Walker
3. James Posey
2. Udonis Haslem
1. Alonzo Mourning

Yes, Zo was the difference tonight....He played an incredible game.
Overall, the game entirely showed the Heat had heart.  As much as I hate to
say it they deserved to win.  This is one you deserved real Heat
fans....enjoy it.  As I will now have to buy my assistant director dinner
and wear Roys wade shirt I will pay my own terrible price.

2. Unnecessary nonsense - Darren - your post tonight was classless and
unnecessary.  There are alot of us on this listserv that have waited since
1983 for the Mavs to have a chance at a championship...I can remember every
single playoff game in Mavs history....I remember where I was when Roy
Tarpley was suspended.  I remember losing so many times to the Spurs.  Many
of us have spent decades hurting over the close playoff losses of this
team.  Rubbing salt in painful wounds after you should be celebrating shows
something and it is not something good.

3. Refereeing.  Those of you know me, and some of you should know me well
enough to know I am not a whiner (those who have seen me play with snapped
ankles etc).  The refs were awful....I said so because I couldnt believe
it....There were two more examples in the last minute tonight -

A) The foul on Dirk when Wade literally shoved him out of the way with about
40 seconds left....Terrible, if any of you defend it you should be ashamed.
This was worse than the one two days ago.  It is one thing to say that any
contact is a foul (nonsense since there is contact on every play in every
NBA game) quite another to allow the offensive player to create space and
the contact and then penalize the defender.

B) The traveling on Haslem that gave Terry a three point shot to tie it -
Haslem made a heart rebound in traffic that should have been rewarded not
penalized.  This is exactly the kind of bs that is making this league into a

Enjoy it Heat fans, hopefully we will get there someday,

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