[eDebate] stannard caveat

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Wed Jun 21 14:58:42 CDT 2006

today, stannard said:

"My feeling about demonstrations at tournaments or on campuses is that they
should be student-organized and led."

be careful with the exclusivity here.   i believe that a better approach is 
one of both student and teacher leads.   student led only offers teachers a 
comfort zone and alibi when fears of career reprisals dominate their 
mindset, i.e. teachers who understand complicity should act irregardless of 
a student lead on their team or campus.   michel foucault is an excellent 
example of an activist professor who organized protests for students and 
with students and i have documented his involvement in the archives as a 
critique of "kritical" dabait pedagogy.   he theorized his own role based on 
complicity with indefensible policies.

teachers and students face the same disciplinary responses from status quo 
campus authorities.   both teachers and students must overcome the mental 
obstacles to civil disobedience through the rejection of the identities 
established for them by traditional classroom pedagogy.   sit-ins challenge 
the teacher and the student at the level of the unknown creating unknown 
consequences for one's career.   there is a certain space of freedom that 
comes from realizing that one's political existence is more important than 
your career and all of the safe assurances it provides.   risk taking is 
undervalued in late capitalist life and basically there are none in today's 
academy and we must recreate them by challenging their fears and the way 
they live based on fear.

many students are future teachers and their lead will effect their 
reputation as educators as much as yours.

in many cases, teacher commitments to a sit-in will open the space for 
tentative students to follow suit and join the movement.  from there, 
students can become involved in the organizing that they would have never 
been involved in without their prof taking the risk that showed them 
something about life.

as soon as any one group is ready to commit to a sit in, let me know so that 
we can start the documentary film process (w or w/o reed) with the early 
stages of your organizing as a pedagogical tool for future generations of 
protestors if you choose to be so inclined to participating in the 

the database, i hope will include plenty of analysis like maybe gordon 
mitchell's forthcoming paper on the new iran "office of special plans" ( i 
don't know if he is actually writing that paper but given his previous paper 
and seymour hersch's article on the prospect of an iran war, i hope he is 
writing it).   we also need a really refined selection of evidence that 
presents the arguments best against the war.

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