[eDebate] lauria and the rove team

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Wed Jun 21 16:53:19 CDT 2006

in a few hours, the truthout team out in california will respond to the 
sunday accusations in the washington post that jason leopold impersonated 
joel lauria and called mark carallo to try to get a confirmation of the rove 
indictment.   only the circumstantial evidence, that lauria had recently 
given leopold his cell phone number that was digit off the number the 
impersonator gave corallo, was presented in the article.   the rest of the 
article sounded like a republican war speech replacing 9-11 references with 
cocaine/drug references with no argument other than rhetorical 

my take is that lauria was played by corallo.   if lauria is going to write 
a smear article in the washington post over a very controversial story, then 
he better check and cross-check his facts.   where is the corallo cell phone 
record of the impersonator conversation that could possibly link it to 
leopold?    this poor journalism is further proof of the near total 
deterioration of journalism standards accomplished by rove, cheney, 
wolfowitz, feith, perle, ledeen, kristols, bolton and company.  
disinformation and rhetorical trickery are the new norms of journalism and 
because these standards operate in the mainstream press they can leverage 
the absence of standards against adherence to standards in the blogs and 
elsewhere on the internet.

the lauria article about the cell phone conversation between corallo and an 
impersonator epitomizes and mimics the luskin statements to the press last 
monday.   a rove lawyer or spokesman makes a statement unconfirmed by anyone 
and it  becomes "instant truth".    lauria never even considered the 
possibility that he was played by corallo and that there never was a phone 
conversation.   my guess is that the rove team discovered lauria's phone 
number and that he recently gave it to leopold because they have leopold 
under surveillance and thought maybe they could intimidate him off the 

irregardless the lauria article is so weak that i am sure that truthout is 
going to smack it to smithereens and that lauria's stupidity will actually 
strengthen the truthout story regarding the rove indictment.   i think the 
lauria article is further proof of rove's desperation and the product of a 
media manipulation addict who can't stop despite the fact that he has been 
charged with crimes for doing so and the only way out was for him was to 
surrender evidence against the vice-president which will make him not only 
the most hated porcine operative ever by the democrats but the republicans 
as well attaining ultimate traitor status.   the walls are closing in and 
rove is freaking his shit knowing that he may go down as the most unpopular 
political scumbag in history and that he faces a very lonely rest of his 

we will post truthout lauria response ASAP.

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