[eDebate] lauria duped by corallo

Jake Stromboli infracaninophile
Wed Jun 21 20:06:55 CDT 2006

we nailed another prediction.   where's the corallo cell phone records?   
how 'bout that rove team found out 'bout lauria-leopold exchange via 
surveillance arg?  by the way, next murray waas article do up...cheney=lady 


The Post's Curious Interest in Leopold and TO

By Marc Ash,

Wed Jun 21st, 2006 at 06:42:38 PM EDT :: Fitzgerald Investigation

On Sunday, The Washington Post published an article titled, "My Unwitting 
Role in the Rove 'Scoop'" by Joe Lauria. It's a hit piece, plain and simple.

For the record, Jason Leopold is not acting alone on the Rove indictment 
story. All of TO's senior editors are participating in interviewing sources, 
verifying facts and vetting every sentence published before the story goes 

We find it curious that The Washington Post has taken such a keen interest 
in Jason Leopold and TO. The Lauria piece is only the latest in a series of 
pieces published by Post editors attacking - in a very personal manner - 
Jason Leopold and TO. But there has been no critical assessment of the facts 
we have reported. Why? Who is directing this smear campaign at the Post and 

A Rather Backhanded Assault

The Post published Lauria's article as an opinion piece, but Lauria used 
that platform to present fact - fact without documentation. In reference to 
our report that a grand jury has returned an indictment of Karl Rove (a 
report that we do stand by), Lauria writes, "The report set off hysteria on 
the Internet, and the mainstream media scrambled to nail it down. Only ... 
it wasn't true." He is stating - as a fact - a premise that he does not even 
attempt to document or substantiate, and the Post is a willing host.

The basis for Lauria's complaint is that Jason Leopold reportedly used 
Lauria's name to get Karl Rove's spokesman Mark Corallo on the phone ... 
according to, you guessed it, Corallo. For the record, I think Mark Corallo 
is doing a brilliant job of representing Karl Rove's best interests as his 
interface with the media. I also think it's fair to say that The Washington 
Post is being way too cooperative - unless they, too, are beholden to Mr. 
Rove? Everybody hold your breaths waiting for a response from the Post's 
ombudsman on that one.

For the record, since the entire basis for Lauria's story is a poorly 
defined, and factually uncorroborated version of events promulgated by Karl 
Rove's public relations contractor, I think Lauria's getting a free ride to 
notoriety from the Post. Apparently Lauria recognized that there was a hot 
market for hit pieces on Jason Leopold and TO. The Washington Post was 
buying, and Lauria was all to happy to cash in.

We urge The Post and Lauria to meet the same standard that we have been held 
to these past weeks - account for your statements, please.

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