[eDebate] DCUDL debater in desperate need of financial assistance to attend summer debate institute!!

chris bonilla bonilla_chris
Thu Jun 22 14:29:35 CDT 2006

    Hello edebate community my name is Christopher  Bonilla. I am a debater in the DCUDL. We debate in tournaments all over  the country, against highly competitive teams.Debate has many posetive  impacts, including increased student acheivement, college scholarships,  and highly honed critical thinking skills.
      Unfortunately debate is one of the many  extracurriculars that is not supported financially by DC public  schools. Where many other schools pay the expenses for thier teams to  attend tournaments, summer camps, and workshops, DC teams need to work  for it.
      In order to stay highly competitive nationally,  debaters need to hone thier skills and be able to participate in  tournaments on the national level, which we can't do with out the help  of businesses and people like you. The contributions of many different  people are what have kept the league afloat and student participation  raising steadily in the past 5 years, in contributions ranging from as  little as 10 to 20,000 dollars. The leagues most pressing concern is  funding for students to attend debate camps this summer.
       This summer i am raising money in order to atteand Michigan State  University Spartan Debate Institute in order to sharpen my debate  skills and remain highly competitive amongst the other debaters in my  league. Any contribution would be highly appreciated. Please take a  look at the following before you decide whether to contribute. Thanks  for taking the time to listen to my needs,  and if you could  contribute today, it would go a long way towards helping me reach my  goal.
       If your are willing to contribute please  contact me by phone at (202) 249-2156 or (202) 907-0267 or via emial at  bonilla_chris at yahoo.com.
>   I attend Cardozo Senior High School my accomplishments  and awards include:
>    Successful completion of AP world history, AP Language, and AP US history
>    1st place winner of Cardozo SHS Civil War: Emancipation Proclomation Essay Contest    
>    Earned "B" grade in English 111 class at Northern Virginia Community College    
>    Aquired college credit as result of AP world history exam    
>    Academic Achievement Award in English, Math, Chemistry, AP Language    
>    Winner of 2006 Cardozo SHS Dartmouth College Book Award  
  >   My Accomplishments and awards in debate include:
>    2006 DCUDL 1st place team in the city    
>    2006 DCUDL 3rd place speaker in the city    
>    2005 NJ regional tournament 3rd place team    
>    2005 DCUDL 2nd place team in the city    
>    2005 DCUDL 4th place speaker in the city    
>    2005 DCUDL School in the City  
  >   My References are:
>    Daniel Wiessbien- Debate Mentor- (202) 249-2156    
>    Sahtiya Logan- Debate Coach- (202) 375-1856    
>    Colin Touhey- Former Debate Coach/Current League Director (202)341-5101   

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