[eDebate] join Debate Against War

matt stannard stannardmatt
Sat Jun 24 16:06:22 CDT 2006

I have started a forum for those affiliated with the debate community who 
are anti-war.  The purpose of the forum is:

1. A forum and workshop for general discussion and respectful debate on 
anti-war issues, the best of which might generate public statements or 
literature than can be publicly shared, and in general help members of the 
anti-war movement improve and articulate their positions
2. A place where people can post information, links, and resources on 
anti-war issues
3. An organizing point for anti-war events and activities, whether connected 
to the debate community or other organizations
4. An "organization" in itself: an gathering of people affiliated with 
academic debate, who, whatever their political differences, are united 
against war (war in general and/or any number of current specific wars), who 
believe that argumentation and debate can play a unique role in the public 
conversation about war

The general philosophy and instructions for joining the forum can be found 

With all respect, I am not interested in engaging in a debate with pro-war 
people about the existence of this forum.  It's there for people to join if 
they want to. Thanks.

matt stannard
(not speaking in any official or occupational capacity)

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