[eDebate] George Z's new contact info

kelly young kel1773
Tue Jun 27 10:34:57 CDT 2006

Hello everyone,

Quick update on George: recently, George moved from Detroit to Chicago to be 
closer to his son and grandchildren. He is in a new rehab program as well. 
George's physical condition has not changed greatly since my last updates 
(limited to little movement on his left side), but he's speaking very well 
and is incredible eager to work on a new version of his debate textbook and 
other scholarly work. He's also hounding me about recruitment for the next 
two years, so clearly his priorities are in their typical order! :)

If you would like to contact GWZ, his new address is:
2710 N. Clark St., Apt. 413, Chicago, IL  60614.

Hope everyone is enjoying the (brief) summer break! Back to thinking about 
the Court and Overruling....


Kelly M. Young, Ph.D.
Director of Forensics/
Assistant Professor
Communication Department
Wayne State University
585 Manoogian Hall
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 577-2953

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