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Rae Lynn raelynn.schwartz
Wed Jun 28 09:33:46 CDT 2006

Women of the Debate Community:

As some of you may know I am the curriculum director at the Women's Debate
Institute. The Women's Debate Institute is a four day workshop for high
school girls. It is a chance for high school girls to develop friendships
with other female debaters from around the country, while learning debate
and college prep skills.

One of the camp's focuses is college preparation. We teach girls about the
application process, scholarship opportunities, and try to connect them
with college debate coaches. For more information on The Women's Debate
Institute see: http://www.womensdebateinstitute.org/

How You Can Help:
Ideally we would like to take the time to talk with each girl about her
thoughts and needs when it comes to college, yet four days does award us
that time. I would like to give each camper a female college mentor. This
mentor could be a coach, graduate assistant or debater of any type.

What Type of Commitment You Would Be Making:
Being a mentor would occupy less than 5 hours of this upcoming school year. 
would contact your mentee (either by phone or email) and talk to her about 
college debate, maybe give her advice about debate arguments, college 
applications and/or connect her with
college coaches she may be too intimated to contact herself.

How to be a Mentor:
If this important service is something you would like to be a part of, all
you have to do is send me an email with the following information:

1. Name
2. Institution of affiliation
3. Institution location (Miami, Santa Clara etc.)
4. Place you call home if different then above
5. Relationship to debate (coach, 2 year debater, director etc.)
6. Types of debate you are affiliated or familiar with  (LD, policy etc.)
7. Best way to contact you in mid to late august (cell phone, email etc)
8. Any other information that might help me match you with a mentee

In mid to late August I will contact you with the name and some information
about your mentee.

On behalf of the Women's Debate Institute thank you for taking the time to
consider being a mentor. If you have any questions please feel free to
contact me.

Rae Lynn Schwartz-DuPre
The University of Western Washington

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