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Before I get to the invitation itself, a few items of housekeeping:

1.          This event is NOT designed to compete with UNI or Gonzaga that same weekend (indeed, we originally intended to go to UNI).  It is NOT designed to compete with King's, Cornell, or Towson on the weekends that follow.


2.          This event IS designed to provide a low-cost way of getting all of your debaters 7 rounds of friendly competition to get you ready for those tournaments.  It's like an intra-squad tournament with more variety of arguments and feedback.


3.          This event is designed to be dirt-cheap for you.


4.          We will not be insulted if you don't come to it.  We will have it no matter what, even if it turns out to be a true intra-squad tournament for us.


5.          However, so that I may deal fairly with our friends at the Hampton Inn, I would greatly appreciate receiving a "yes, we'll be there", a "heck no, we won't", a "maybe", or any other estimate of the probability of attendance from anyone who might be a likely suspect (everyone in D7 and D8, plus Ohio schools, etc.).


6.          We also want to reach schools that don't have a program yet.  One particular audience I'd like to contact is former high school debaters at colleges and universities that don't have a policy debate program.  Would someone please be so kind as to post this to the high school list (and let me know that you've done it)?  Thanks!





June 28, 2006



Dear Friends and Colleagues:


On behalf of the West Virginia University Debate team, I am pleased to invite you to the 1st Annual Almost Heaven Preseason Debates, to be held in Morgantown, September 16-17, 2006.  The tournament, sponsored by WVU's Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, will be sanctioned by CEDA and SAMBA.  It is designed to provide you and your teams with a friendly and cheap way of preparing for the 2006-07 season.


We will hold 7 preliminary rounds of debate in each division of debate (we'll start with the assumption that all three divisions will be represented, using the CEDA divisional definitions; we will alter those divisions as necessitated by the entries).  WVU debaters will debate in the tournament, and they will be eligible for awards (such as they are).  WVU will run the tab room, but all schools are welcome to be represented in the tab room and to observe pairing and judge assignments.


The resolution will be this year's national policy debate resolution, and the time limits will be 9-3-6, with ten minutes of preparation time for each side. Rounds 1 and 2 will be preset; if divisions are collapsed, new debaters will debate each other during those rounds.  Rounds 3 and 4 will be paired (high-high and high-low respectively) off of round 2.  Rounds 5 and 6 will be paired (high-high and high-low respectively) off of round 4.  Round 7 will be paired off of round 6.  In that round, the top two teams in each division (not from the same school) will debate one another, even if they have already met (if that is the case, they will debate on opposite sides from the previous encounter).  The winners of those debates will be declared champions of their respective divisions.  All other round 7 debates will be high-high as well.  There will be no elimination rounds.  The point of this is that every debater (especially those who normally wouldn't be in elimination rounds) will get 7 debates.  Further, this format enables us to make sure nobody leaves really late on Sunday, enables us to ensure that people aren't coming for the sweepstakes points, and will allow us to have a two-day tournament with a fairly late start time on Saturday (thus allowing some schools to arrive on Saturday morning and limiting lodging costs).  We will observe the CEDA by-laws.  The WVU debate team supports CEDA's sexual harassment policy, and we will enforce it.  


Eligibility for junior varsity and novice divisions will be as determined by the CEDA by-laws.  Hybrid teams are eligible to participate, and they will be eligible for awards.


Cheap and tacky awards will be given to the top two teams in all three divisions (even if divisions are collapsed) and to the top three speakers in each division.  


Speaker awards will be based upon adjusted points.  Ties will be broken by:

1. total points

2. double-adjusted points

3. judge variance


Judges:  Each established program should bring enough judging to cover its teams (one full judge per two teams; four rounds for each odd team).  Established programs are encouraged to provide extra judging to help new programs cover their teams.  New programs should try to bring judging; we will make sure that lack of judging doesn't prevent anyone from participating.


Entries:  Please send your entries by 4:00 PM on Tuesday, September 12, 2006.  Entries should be made through the ultra-fantastic Bruschke Web Page (www.debateresults.com<http://www.debateresults.com/>). I will post the tournament there and open entries as soon as the 2006-07 calendar goes up.


TOURNAMENT ENTRY IS FREE FOR ALL TEAMS, but we will still provide a variety of amenities, including coffee, snacks, and lunch on both Saturday and Sunday.  We will also provide a dinner for new programs on Saturday evening.  If there are fewer than 28 teams in the tournament, all debates will be held in Woodburn Hall.  If there are fewer than 40 teams in the tournament, all debates will be held in Woodburn and adjacent Chitwood Hall.  We can handle up to 60 teams with ease (and don't expect that we will have that many).  We would be especially appreciative of early entry estimates.  Changes on the day of the tournament (or Friday evening) should be made via email or cell phone (412-445-3957).  


The tournament hotel will be the Hampton Inn of Morgantown.  Our block has a flat rate of $78 for up to 4 people, with a pretty decent continental breakfast included.  The direct number for the Hampton Inn is 304-599-1200, or you may use the national reservations number (1-800-Hampton).  Our contact at the Hampton Inn is Ms. Bekah Gillespie.  If you run into problems, please let me know.  The deadline for the block will be in late August, but, again, estimates are helpful.  If you are a new program and would prefer free but less luxurious housing, please let me know.  We will do what we can to house you with WVU debaters.


Tentative Schedule


10:30: Round 1 
12:30: Round 2 
2:30: Lunch 
3:30: Round 3 
5:30: Round 4 
7:30: Dinner for new programs 

9:00 Round 5 
11:00: Round 6 
1:00: Lunch 
2:00: Round 7 
4:15: Awards 
4:45: Departure 



Morgantown is easily accessible by Interstate 68 from the East, and by Interstate 79 from the North and South.  The hills of West Virginia are beautiful any time of the year, but they are especially pretty in September.  We look forward to (finally!) seeing some of you without worrying about whether you will get here in the snow.  We look forward to welcoming old and new friends for the start of an exciting new debate season.







Neil Berch

Associate Professor of Political Science

and Debate Coach

on behalf of the WVU Debate Team




>From I-79 North:  Take exit 155, Star City.  Stay in the right lane after you leave the ramp, and bear right at the traffic light.  You will cross a bridge and travel through a traffic light.  As you reach the top of the hill, you will come to another traffic light.  Make a left at that light (on to Patteson Drive).  Travel through 3 more traffic lights, and continue until you see the Hampton Inn on your left (just as you come around a bend).


>From I-79 South:  Take exit 155, Star City.  Make a left at the end of the ramp.  Get in the right lane, and bear right at the traffic light.  You will cross a bridge and travel through a traffic light.  As you reach the top of the hill, you will come to another traffic light.  Make a left at that light (on to Patteson Drive).  Travel through 3 more traffic lights, and continue until you see the Hampton Inn on your left (just as you come around a bend).


>From I-68 West:  Take exit 7, Pierpont Road, and turn right.  Follow for about a mile, and turn left on to 119 South.  At the second light, turn right.  Continue to the 5th light and turn left on to Van Voorhis Road.  The Hampton Inn is about a half mile on your right.



To the Mountainlair from Hampton Inn
Turn RIGHT out of Hampton Inn
Take LEFT at the second stop light
Continue straight through light, pass McDonald's (will be on road a little bit)
Go STRAIGHT through light at four way intersection, pass large new building and around a loop;
Turn LEFT at 2nd light (Spruce Street) after loop (you will have gone about 1.8 miles from the Hampton Inn by then)
At stop sign, turn LEFT
At stop sign, turn RIGHT (High Street)
Take immediate LEFT
Park in Area 3 of Mountainlair Garage (furthest entrance)

You may park for free on Saturday and Sunday in the Mountainlair Garage.  You may also take any legal space (non-handicapped) behind Woodburn Hall, the tournament headquarters (just across the street from the Mountainlair, it's the building with the clock tower.


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