[eDebate] ans. Korcok

Andrew Culp acculp
Thu Jun 29 21:59:15 CDT 2006

It's more like 150,000+.  However, what is more dangerous is pre-emtive war against a nation that obviously didn't pose a threat to the US.  There are much more heinous dictators that the US could depose if it really wanted to.  Your utilitarian count is useless is this situation, merely a rationalization of events that have already occured.

As for the movement: everyone should hook up with CODEPINK and look into http://www.troopshomefast.org/.

Omar: Most people don't look at eDebate as a political soundingboard.  If they did, there would have been a huge discussion about Katrina, but there wasnt.  Why?  Because debate incentivizes the spectator mentality.  The people who are doing massive amounts of research are probably trying to stay competitive, and competition breeds more research.  Sorry to say, but I think debate probably is used as a preparatory tool for later involvement (when you graduate?).

There are so many ways to get involved, it saddens me that knowledgable people are sitting back and letting shit happen.  Maybe bullshitting with friends, voting every 2-4 years, and if we're lucky, goes to a college dems meeting or two.  So critical of what I'm doing, the spectators try and try to claim the moral high ground (I bet doing nothing really helps us along...).

Maybe forums are a good thing, but they're only one piece in the puzzle.  It needs to be situated within a broad-based struggle (not necessary a movement, but they're often sweet), and that means making meaningful connections with people doing other work (and maybe doing abit of it yourself).  There are activists in debate, but it's funny to see people so politically aware yet so scared to actually take a stance in the real world past some bull session with friends.

If you take debate to just be a game, I question why you stay with it (there are much easier games to play, parly anyone?).  And I doubt it's really about intellectual rigor (debate is so dominated by techne, why even try?  klinger could probably outdebate most people with files cut by HS camps).  You've got to be searching for something.  Why put it off for sometime later?

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