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Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Thu Jun 29 23:59:38 CDT 2006

nope didn't answer even the entry-level argument.  Mr. Culp, a reminder:
1) your advocacy was to leave Sadaam and Sons in power
2) that would have been worse than thisCulp writes: "It's more like 150,000+."
oh.  my bad.  you counted them personally.  the Culp Count beats my estimate from last week's LA Times which I hiked by 50%.
anyone not obviously ideologically far left write that?
are you extrapolating the Lancet "survey" of Iraqi families by anti-war activists or just making shit up? either way, same worthless estimate.
and the bad news for you is that even this ridiculous number means the total number of deaths comes even, which leaves you no explanation for how the death rate could have dropped so much over the last 3 1/4 years.
Culp writes: "However, what is more dangerous is pre-emtive war against a nation that obviously didn't pose a threat to the US."
In no way, shape or form is this "obvious".  Wolfowitz presented 3 independent justifications for the liberation of Iraq: 1) wmd 2) assistance to terrorists 3) human rights and an overarching 4th reason which was the interaction of the first 3.  Sadaam and Sons, funding suicide bombings in Israel, could easily escalate support of terrorism and if they got wmd could pass them on which could be crushingly horrible.  Since the sanctions/embargo were eroding extremely quickly under the left-wing assault, it was quite likely that Sadaam and Sons would soon be back in business.
one other way that this is not at all obvious:  Because we got Sadaam and Sons, Libya's Muammar Qaddafi came clean and quit his development of an advanced nuclear weapons acquisition program, giving up key players in the underground nuclear materials trade.  
Culp writes: "There are much more heinous dictators that the US could depose if it really wanted to."
uhh... no...  every human rights NGO listed Sadaam and Sons as the worst human rights abusers of the last 25 years of the 20th century.
and so what?
and I think the US should adopt a foreign policy of pulling the trigger when we get a clean shot at human rights abusers.  or should the US just let the genocides slide?
Culp writes: "Your utilitarian count is useless is this situation, merely a rationalization of events that have already occured."
cute.  however I DID write this before March 03, during March 03 and in the weeks after March 03. 
that makes it justification and not after-the-fact rationalization.
and so what?
Culp writes: "I bet doing nothing really helps us along..."
It does when the alternative is your fighting for catastrophic policies like unilateral US nuclear disarmament, insisting on the dismantling of Israel, advocating for "reforms" that eviscerate US Intelligence gathering, marching for Mao's Cultural Revolution, supporting Stalin's forced collectivization of Ukrainian agricultural, chanting against a missile defence, throwing rocks for Pol Pot, and so on.
you know... if the choice is between extroversion of your idiotic and ideological fervor and you playing more x-box, the choice is simple.  of course, I would rather that you developed critical thinking skills and attained a measure of wisdom and then engaged the public realm over either your fervor or your torpor.  less fun than prancing about like a monkey but better for us all.
Michael Korcok
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