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Fri Jun 30 04:42:15 CDT 2006

I wanted to start a discussion on which topics people are thinking about voting for.

I have some observations if you would like to read, otherwise delete.

Area Topic --

Do we want to debate affirmatives that tell the KKK they cant say racist words while marching in the street.

There could be affirmatives that restric flag burning  (hot topic).

Or an affirmative that fires all Ward Churchill types from their Universities.

Another affirmative might be to stop massive donations to political campaigns.

Then we have the list topics.  Here is how it seems to breakdown.  There are those that fear each case on the list is deep cellar of affirmatives that can never be explored, and thus fear the topic may be way too broad.  Or, there are those that say we will be debating the merits of the case, and feel safe that staying in these case areas will provide some reasonable limits to the topic.

Then there is the issue of debating Casey.  There are some in the community who feel that they do not want to be a part a community that forces them to debate abortion because of the personal nature of the topic.  Thus their list choice would be
this topic -

List #3:
The United States Supreme Court should overrule one or more of the following decisions
?	Ex parte Quirin (1942)
?	U.S. v. Morrison (2000) 
?	Milliken v. Bradley (1974)
?	Gratz v. Bollinger (2003)
?	City of Boerne v. Flores (1997)
?	American Booksellers v. Hudnut (1986)

If you really dont want to debate Casey, and you like lists, then you will probably vote this topic first, and then move to areas.

Then there is the debate about other list topics --  there are 2 with 4, and on with 8

Here is what I like, is that after you overcome these decisions, the rest is about what cases/issues you want to discuss.

Edebate was getting quiet, I thought someone needed to say something.

I challenge Josh Hoe to breakdancing contest!




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