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Michael Korcok mmk_savant
Fri Jun 30 16:26:34 CDT 2006

i'll make you a deal:  we all just shut up and debate.  how about that?
it is way too much to hope that you would be an educator/debate coach who teaches folks to argue, develops their critical thinking skills, and shows them how to research public issues without also being an old communist who uses debate to recruit the young to your particular fringe ideology.  Matt, you wouldn't stand for it if it was the religious right recruiting like this but that is precisely what you are doing.  it is just creepy.  and icky.  but it is just bullshit to claim that I am also being an ideologue because i RESPOND to heapings of far-left garbage.
so i extend my hand in this peace offering:  let's make edebate and debate an ideology-free zone.  or at least more of an ideology-free zone.  deal?
the little stuff:
1) "complete lack of original thinking"
unh unh. not true.  never true.  won't ever be so.  i am the mighty mighty generator of the clarifying phrase, the thought that makes it all make sense, the difference that makes a difference.  always was.  always will be.  you just stand there all "whut?"
2) "any kind of human sensitivity"
well... this is a known issue and we are working on a technical fix.  we should have a patch out soon.  Korcok 2.0
we promise.  keep checking your e-mail.
and if this is your clevah pitch to try to enroll me in one of your Sensitivity-Awareness-Retraining Seminars hosted at one of those Gulags you all are famous for, well, no thank you.  communism killed 100 million of its own citizens in the last century and i am the insensitive one?
and here is a preview of the progress that has been made so far toward a more sensitive me:
every day about 155,000 people die in this wicked wicked world.  I weep for each and every one of them.  True, it is only about 4 milliseconds of weeping per person, but that still amounts to 10 minutes of crying every single day.  you are thinking: "4 milliseconds!  what a jerk!"  but I point out that is orders of magnitude more sensitivity than your almost exactly 0 emotiveness.  who is the insensitive one now?
and the anti-war left focuses on the 2 Americans who die in Iraq every day (2/155,000=.000013) in an attempt to use their deaths for their own political purposes.  instead of honoring these men and women for their service to America, the far left desecrates them, their deaths made even less than .000013 of the terrible daily total.
3) "ashamed by your alignment with a party full of culturally conservative religious people"
not aligned to the Republican Party in any way:  registered independent.
I am ashamed of many things, including agreeing to go to the prom with Heidi 27 years ago then trying to back out but going anyway, but I am not ashamed of whatever it is you are talking about.
and some of my best friends are culturally conservative religious people.  I tend to like them as much as or more than culturally liberal irreligious people.  
i really do work hard to accept each person on their own terms:  hell, I even like you.  not as much as that weird poem you posted a few days ago which made me think "what the hell is with Stannard?  It reads like he is coming down Brokeback Mountain or something..."  I don't like you that way, but I like you.
4) "you obviously think you're smarter than them."
you are kidding, right?
i think i am smarter than everyone.
well...  maybe a couple folks out there are almost as bright as i am...  maybe... almost...
5) "control and influence you've never really had in any other part of your life."
i am not the one recruiting activists to my ideology:  i am the one mocking those trying to organize for radical change because the world is so wicked they can't stand it!  and the only frikkin chaos in my life at the moment consists of not knowing if the seller will make sufficient concessions so we can close the deal on Bakersfield's Most Expensive Condo Ever Sold.  decide already, damn you!
6) "the most circular polemic of Coulter or Hannity."
dude, you are obsessed with Ann Coulter.  NOT HEALTHY.  
both of them impress me as religious fanatics so whenever they talk to religious themes, i give them first this finger then this one while snarling at their images.  always leaves me wondering how otherwise impressive persons can go so wrong.
but Hannity is quite good at the cross-ex and I enjoy watching him take apart twerps.  hey, i take entertainment where i can get it.
Ann Coulter is just great at holding her own in the face of a withering attack.  and NOTHING in this world the left hates more than a smart woman of the right:  they ALWAYS do EVERYTHING they can to DESTROY them.  even worse than how the left treats african-americans of the right.  and you gotta respect her game.
7) "a hurtful tone that is so very different from the gentleness behind your eyes."
another Brokeback moment, Matt?  /wink /wink
but yeah, the new sensitivity patch includes an upgrade to that area behind my eyes.  makes it more gentle-looking than before.
yes, i wish the jihad and the insurgency would stop trying to destroy their and their neighbors' futures.
8) "By all means, call us names if it makes you feel better."
such love!  makes me all weepy.  of course you are cutting into my 10 designated minutes of human sensitivity.
like i started...  how about we all just shut up and debate?
Michael Korcok
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