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I think  the best solution would be to jettison the area and move straight 
into  w

That should have been....
I think the best solution would be to jettision the area vote and move  
straight into wording papers.
I have some ideas for a detailed process the gist of it being: 
Individuals write wording papers and submit them to the topic  committee. The 
TC submits minimum standards for what constitutes a wording paper  but 
everything that meets that standard makes it onto a ballot (replacing the  area 
vote) and then the top three to five vote getters are sent back to the TC  which 
then can create one or two of their own wordings similar to the one  created by 
the author of the wording paper and suggest changes to the authors of  the 
wording papers to their wordings. The author of the wording paper would have  
veto power over any changes to their wording. This process would ensure that at  
least one resolution that was true to the original papers would end up on a  
ballot. It would also ensure a substantial amount of time could be devoted to  
each wording.
That's the short version. If anyone thinks this is a viable idea let me  know 
and I can help put together a formal proposal.
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