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Donald Bryson anabaptist
Sat Jun 3 06:51:09 CDT 2006

I started into policy debate as a novice in college.  No background in debate whatsoever.  Policy debate has been one of the most rewarding experiences that I have ever had and I would LOVE to be involved with it for the rest of my life.

Policy debate has also taught me to keep a fair and open mind about current issues.  I'll admit that I do err right wing (one of the few in the community), but the articles and commentary posted as of late by one Mr. Stromboli (that's a sweet fake name by the way) have been offensive and just horrible arguments about national policy.  However, the minute that I simply post an article (without offensive language mind you) I get nailed on the head?  Is this the fair and balanced community that I've been taught that we have?

I understand that Bush and the Republican Party are not popular right now, heck, I have my own issues with them, but the postings like this on eDebate need to stop for 4 reasons.

1) The language is offensive and the arguments are bad.
2) Posting under a fake name is stupid and if you're too scared to post under your own name then don't post at all. (I'm posting this and the vast majority of you are able to judge me on a DOMESTIC LEGAL topic)
3) Those postings are cluttering everyone's inbox.
4) Probably no one remembers besides myself, but Joe Carver made a posting during the DCA controversy that high school students frequent this listserve.  The Stromboli Report should not be their first taste of the collegiate debate community.

There is a disparity here that is disappointing.  If you want to flaunt your political views and make yourself into an ass then either post under your own name or write a sweet politics disad.

Donald Bryson
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