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Joe Patrice joepatrice
Sat Jun 3 12:00:47 CDT 2006

Don't have time to get into a lot of detail because I'm still at the Exec
meeting, but "curtail" raises a lot of interesting questions and provides
the Neg a stable body of literature in defense (First Amendment good) while
the other side requires tailored work and is, I think, better for the Aff.
We may all be rabid First Amendment fans in the abstract, but:

1) When does freedom become a license for the majority to further their
biases unchecked?  R.A.V. said (sans the legal particulars) that cross
burning is OK under the First Amendment.  Is an unquestioned love of the
First Amendment a shield for racism?

2) Sexual harassment law -- the Third Circuit (Sam Alito to be precise)
suggests that R.A.V. puts sexual harassment laws in jeopardy.

3) Corruption in government -- how much is it proper to let big business buy
elections in the name of unfettered free speech

4) Pornography -- can images that sexualize women or children (virtually and
therefore still creating the sexualized image) proliferate in the name of
the First Amendment?

I think these are all good questions and I think the decision to phrase it
as "curtail" means the Negative has built-in Frist Amendment defense
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