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kathryn rubino kathrynrubino
Sat Jun 3 18:00:06 CDT 2006

Below I have clipped the exact language from the current CEDA constitution
(available on Jarman's webpage).  Mike Davis is right, there is no such
thing as vote splitting, feel free to rank the topics how you choose.  1A
will only win if 50% plus one schools vote for it.

Section 4: Topics will be selected through a proportional voting system.
Voters will be required to rank as many choices as they wish, consecutively,
with one being the first rank. After all votes are cast, the number of valid
ballots will be determined, and it will require a majority of that number
(50% plus one) of first place votes for a choice to be elected. All first
place votes will be counted. If one choice receives a majority, it wins. If
not, the choice with the LEAST first place votes will be thrown out, and
ballots that had the discarded choice as first will be counted using their
second place votes. This process will be repeated until one choice attains a
majority. If two or more of the choices to be eliminated have equal numbers
of first place votes, they will be eliminated together, with second place
votes for both added to the respective first place totals on the same round.
If a choice is eliminated and its second choice is already eliminated, that
ballot's third choice will count as a first choice, and so forth.

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