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Ede Warner ewarner
Sat Jun 3 20:23:36 CDT 2006

Just wondering what is the evidence or at least, reasoning that novices
would make this topic large?  It's been my extensive experienc with
novice debate that they are usually given or choose very middle of the
road cases since they are trying to learn all the conventions and
practices of contemporary policy debate.  And surely, Ryan Galloway made
a relatively persuasive argument that the appeal of saying you can
choose from the following:  domestic violence, affirmative action,
exective authority, busing would have more intial appeal than saying
first amendment?  Again, the level of limits or debating the margins of
these cases are truly a discussion for advanced debaters, aren't they? 
Perhaps there are novice programs who would run to those margins, but I
can't fathom a novice team being very good on a case that sophisticated
or their court debates being that developed?

>>> "kathryn rubino" <kathrynrubino at gmail.com> 6/3/2006 7:16 PM >>>

As someone who sat through all of the topic committee process, I wish-
like Dallas and Vik- that there were more area topics available.  That
would have been wonderful, and I do not consider myself ideologically
pro-area or pro-list.  But there aren't.  That doesn't mean the TC
didn't work hard or are giving us a slate of bad resolutions.  It means
that all of the suggestions regarding TC reform, esp the ones that
extend the amount of time the TC works on these things, need to be and
are being looked at.  
I'll do what I can with the resolutions we have.  I think the 1A topic
is large, yet the most limited.  As someone who is involved in novice
recruitment and retention (very different things by the way) I think
that is important.  

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