[eDebate] first amendment topic

Pacedebate at aol.com Pacedebate
Sun Jun 4 13:28:30 CDT 2006

I'd like to see the sketch of a potential aff similar to the work I did for  
my first amendment topic. I'm not talking a full 9 minute 1ac but I'd like to  
see a solvency advocate from one of the people who supports this topic. I 
could  do the work but I'm skeptical of the number of good affs on this topic. 
Note the  key word "good". I get that this topic isn't very limited in terms of 
potential  affirmatives it will be limited by the number of GOOD affs. At this 
point I'm  skeptical that this topic has very many - see Stannards post on 
the obscenity  cases. I could do some work on this topic, and probably will, but 
I don't want  to post my idea of what the aff's will look like. I'd much 
rather see what the  proponents of this topic envision as the good affs.
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