[eDebate] i know the topic is important and all but can i just say...

Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Sun Jun 4 16:22:43 CDT 2006

My point was if you believe that the Heat will win in four put something on
the line....Although we can play ball too :)


On 6/4/06, stephen davis <proudsavage at gmail.com> wrote:
>  josh,
> allright ill concede that i havn't been paying attention been too busy
> working... i still think the mavs suck... at the very least they are team of
> nobodies which makes them boring which is worse than sucking at what you
> do... when thier best player is a mutant seven foot foward from germany who
> still hasn't got the english thing worked out i,  and the rest of america,
>  will have trouble paying attention or taking such a team seriously...
> shaq's a mutant but hes got all sorts of style i mean we've all seen MTV
> cribs... his bed is bigger than most peoples houses... i mean that dudes got
> custom made bentlys with the rims that don't stop when you stop.   why ain't
> mtv hunting down dirk to show the world his house... cuz its prolly filled
> with the smell of blood sausage and used leiderhosen... and no doubt that
> dudes got a den o' shit-fetish video hiding somewhere...
> bottom line is wade is the best player on the court with or without his
> supporting cast...  and no im not gonna gamble on something ive got no means
> of controlling... ill bet 100 bucks id take you to school 1 on 1 but thats
> cuz id be doin the playing... too much money is involved in the spectacle .
> pro sports aint on the up and up and i don't have the inside track on who
> the bookies have picked to cover the spread... they'll do it cuz the people
> want flash and pizazz not mutant germans and nobodies who are really
> dedicated and work so well as a team... that shit don't sell so it don't
> win... and leave malcom alone allready thats the sun's fault not his... oh
> and reply right away like you got nothing to do but watch e debate and be
> sure to say something snappy and smart ass it will really really get my
> goat, i promise...
> oh and anytime you want a lesson on the court lemme kno... my brothers are
> 6'3" 6'6" ballas and ive gaurded them since i was ten so  i don't know you
> or how atheletic you are but that being said im sure ill cross like rosie
> o'donnel crossin star jones and  ill happen so it so quick it'll snap yer
> ankle bones.
> *****disclaimer for the rhetorically sensitive****
> this post is purely for comedic effect (which im sure it fails to achive,
> terribly so) i have no mal-intent toward Mr. hoe and in fact couln't pick
> him out of a crowd of pasty white dudes, nothing in this post was intended
> to anythingmore than trash talk and i pre-emptivley apologize to rosie,
> star, josh, the dallas mavericks, malcom gordon, pasty white dudes, germans,
> shit-fetish video producers(to each his own)  and any members of the mutant
> community which might have taken offense to my participation in the ritual
> of trash talking.   while much of the content of said practice is decidely
> offensive by design the ritual occupies a liminal space in which passing
> judgement on the performer's chosen content  is unfair and should thereby be
> viewed as a cultrural performance and judged according to its utility and
> since this is all just i means of distracting people from rather boring
> conversation about the topic if you have gotten this far in the post than
> the liminal space has been open and the cultural performance successful in
> attempt to reach its goal(if any)   formal complaints can posted in reply
> and will be followed with more trash talking possibly about the filers
> connection to any number of clandestine organizations as well as ignorant
> personal attacks...
> thank you,
> stephen m---- f---- davis
>  On 6/4/06, Josh Hoe <jbhdb8 at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> >  Dirk wont cover Shaq....Shaq wont cover Dirk????? What are you yapping
> > about.  In fact the Heat have nobody who can cover Dirk.
> >
> > Beyond that you are making close to no sense, Wade will get his against
> > Daniels and Howard for sure but dont forget that Daniels and Howard are
> > better than average defenders and will make Wade work on D.  If they get in
> > foul trouble we have Stack and Van Horn to rotate on him. We have a ton of
> > fouls to waste on shaq.....But beyond that you are outclassed at every
> > position.  Go back and look at the season series (totally dominated by the
> > Mavs) and remember you will also see Dampier and Mbenga in addition to Diop.
> >
> >
> > You have J-Dub we have Jason Terry and Devin Harris as well as defensive
> > guard stopper Darrel Armstrong (ps. they will not guard Wade as your
> > suggest).
> >
> > The Mavs beat teams by rotating a TON of different defensive looks on
> > them because we are so deep....by the end of games your stars have to play
> > the whole game and are exhausted while our players are generally more
> > rested.
> >
> > You are insane if you think Heat in four....want to put your money where
> > your email is?
> >
> > Josh
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >  On 6/4/06, stephen davis < proudsavage at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > >  Dirk is aight i give him some measure of respect... for a giant he
> > can shoot the ball...
> > but in no world will it be enough to rebound over the monster dominating
> > the paint for the heat...
> > im not big on shaq... i think its pretty unfair to let him play at all i
> > mean the guys a mutant... but since the NBA's allowing this superhuman to
> > play i can't even pretend for a second that Dirk, who has 0 turn around
> > game, defense, or agressivity in the paint, will do anything but shoot from
> > well,  anywhere but the paint, that dude can really shoot the ball but guess
> > oh who's that other dude *jason williams*.. forgot the heats guard who
> > is finally on a team that support him... oh and the afformentioned forward
> > thats a better gaurd than daniels or  harris...  no freaking contest... shaq
> > dominates underneath gerry stackhouse neutralized keith van horn minds well
> > not come... dirk might keep it close from time to time... but williams
> > double doubles at least 2 times (points and assists, maybe steals) toss up
> > between wade and shaq for mpv of the series...
> >
> > heat in 4.. .no contest mavs just outmatched...
> >
> > heathen
> >
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