[eDebate] HOE I WILL ADMIT IT....

matt stannard stannardmatt
Mon Jun 5 10:10:54 CDT 2006

Hmm...changes the configuration of his answers after the fact...doesn't 
admit when he was obviously wrong about something...even promises that he'll 
indict the whole system later if his factual predictions turn out to be 

Gotta admit, it's consistent with his debating techniques... ;)


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>Subject: [eDebate] HOE I WILL ADMIT IT....
>Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2006 09:46:07 -0500
>I was wrong....
>The Payton/Kemp Supersonics are not the most overrated team to ever win the
>western conference, the 2k6 Dallas Mavs are!!!!
>Usually I defend NBA basketball, but with this weak game making it all the
>way, I may have to switch.  Best two teams in the league:  Detroit and San
>Antonio.  Both played terrible throughout the playoffs.. whaddup with dat?
>You were right about the Suns not being deep enough, granted they lost a
>pretty important player to injury (don't know what the equivalent to Bell
>would be on the Mavs since Bell knows how to play D, perhaps he would count
>as two Mavs players?).
>I told you Daddy, Diesel, was gonna make it to the dance.
>If Shaq doesn't get in foul trouble more than a game or maybe two, the HEAT
>will win this series.
>Experience.  This is Shaq's sixth NBA finals with his third team, I think
>it's safe to say that he is the one player who always plays his best
>basketball come playoff time.
>No one to guard him.  You can counter that no one on the Heat can guard
>Dirk, and you are correct, but no one can guard Shaq.  If you try to defend
>that someone on Dallas can guard Shaq effectively, you are not allowed to
>post anymore.  They can hack him, yes, but that's not guarding and it also
>isn't enough.  The real question is that between the two most important
>players (D-Wade is probably the best all-around player on the court, but
>we're talking centrality to the success of the team, so I'd say Dirk and
>Shaq fit that category) which one will change the game to put his team in
>the best position to win.  The answer is undoubtably Shaq.
>Intangibles.  Dirk will score more points, but he won't get more rebounds,
>blocks, assists than Shaq.  More importantly, Dirk doesn't control the game
>from the inside out, he's just another guard.  He's an amazing guard,
>granted, but that doesn't make the other players on his team have a better
>shot.  Dirk's best chance is going to be the refs bailing him out when he
>tries to take it to the hole and Diesel smacks that shit back in his face.
>Matchups.  I think the matchups even out.  There is no one who can guard
>Shaq/Wade, but I think that Dallas has enough people to throw at the
>inconsistent Offense of the heart roleplayers to keep them in check for a
>couple of games.  The D is not strong enough to shut them down for four
>games.   Perhaps if Shaq tore a calf muscle.
>These are just a few reasons, enough to keep Hoe busy this afternoon as he
>quickly types a response and watches some Sandler movies to gain joke
>references. If this is not enough to entertain you, here are some more
>'tagline' reasons diesel will own:  transition, tempo, defense, ability to
>control passing lanes, size, field goal percentage, general badassery.
>What movie does this line refer to:  Shaq against Dallas is kinda like if
>Tyson fought an infant.
>Oh, and you may come back with that "Dallas dominated the reg season 
>   First, one of the games Shaq wasn't even playing, so let's throw that 
>   Second, the Heat are 34-15 since the 36 point ass whoopin.  And let's 
>forget that the Mavs are playing good Ball right now (I guess, if this is
>the kinda crap we're letting pass for good basketball), but the Heat are
>playing better ball than anyone else.  It's all out the window in the
>playoffs.  If Mavs lose either of those first two games they lose the
>series.  Their best chance to win is to make sure Mark Cuban pays the refs
>off, we'll see how much love Shaq gets in Dallas on those foul calls.  I
>seem to remember three Dallas players hanging on Tim Duncan's arm during 
>last shot of regulation in Game 7 of that series, yet no foul is called.  
>that is the kind of officiating done against the SHAQ it will be a quick
>The hardest thing in this series to decide is whether Heat win in 6 or 7.
>Good series either way.  So, is Martin right, does Hoe become a HEAT fan
>once the Mavs lose?  Or maybe he starts rooting for teams in Michigan.
>MAVS OVERRATED.  If they win the series i will finally admit that NBA
>basketball just stinks.
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