[eDebate] HOE I WILL ADMIT IT....

Malcolm Gordon malgorthewarrior
Mon Jun 5 10:38:20 CDT 2006

ya know, the fact that everyone is interested in how edebate posts relate to 
debate style in argumentation just proves my theory about edebate-it is a 
way for people who can't debate anymore to still debate via e-mail. The 
thing is, i still take REAL debate seriously so please, don't compare my 
sweeping posts meant to incite humor and the rage of Hoe with debate 
arguments.  That's just insulting to REAL debate!!!   : )

(not to say stannard isn't right, except I usually indict the whole system 
WAY before my factual claims turn out to be incorrect)


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>Subject: RE: [eDebate] HOE I WILL ADMIT IT....
>Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2006 09:10:54 -0600
>Hmm...changes the configuration of his answers after the fact...doesn't 
>admit when he was obviously wrong about something...even promises that 
>he'll indict the whole system later if his factual predictions turn out to 
>be incorrect.
>Gotta admit, it's consistent with his debating techniques... ;)
>>From: "Malcolm Gordon" <malgorthewarrior at hotmail.com>
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>>Subject: [eDebate] HOE I WILL ADMIT IT....
>>Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2006 09:46:07 -0500
>>I was wrong....
>>The Payton/Kemp Supersonics are not the most overrated team to ever win 
>>western conference, the 2k6 Dallas Mavs are!!!!
>>Usually I defend NBA basketball, but with this weak game making it all the
>>way, I may have to switch.  Best two teams in the league:  Detroit and San
>>Antonio.  Both played terrible throughout the playoffs.. whaddup with dat?
>>You were right about the Suns not being deep enough, granted they lost a
>>pretty important player to injury (don't know what the equivalent to Bell
>>would be on the Mavs since Bell knows how to play D, perhaps he would 
>>as two Mavs players?).
>>I told you Daddy, Diesel, was gonna make it to the dance.
>>If Shaq doesn't get in foul trouble more than a game or maybe two, the 
>>will win this series.
>>Experience.  This is Shaq's sixth NBA finals with his third team, I think
>>it's safe to say that he is the one player who always plays his best
>>basketball come playoff time.
>>No one to guard him.  You can counter that no one on the Heat can guard
>>Dirk, and you are correct, but no one can guard Shaq.  If you try to 
>>that someone on Dallas can guard Shaq effectively, you are not allowed to
>>post anymore.  They can hack him, yes, but that's not guarding and it also
>>isn't enough.  The real question is that between the two most important
>>players (D-Wade is probably the best all-around player on the court, but
>>we're talking centrality to the success of the team, so I'd say Dirk and
>>Shaq fit that category) which one will change the game to put his team in
>>the best position to win.  The answer is undoubtably Shaq.
>>Intangibles.  Dirk will score more points, but he won't get more rebounds,
>>blocks, assists than Shaq.  More importantly, Dirk doesn't control the 
>>from the inside out, he's just another guard.  He's an amazing guard,
>>granted, but that doesn't make the other players on his team have a better
>>shot.  Dirk's best chance is going to be the refs bailing him out when he
>>tries to take it to the hole and Diesel smacks that shit back in his face.
>>Matchups.  I think the matchups even out.  There is no one who can guard
>>Shaq/Wade, but I think that Dallas has enough people to throw at the
>>inconsistent Offense of the heart roleplayers to keep them in check for a
>>couple of games.  The D is not strong enough to shut them down for four
>>games.   Perhaps if Shaq tore a calf muscle.
>>These are just a few reasons, enough to keep Hoe busy this afternoon as he
>>quickly types a response and watches some Sandler movies to gain joke
>>references. If this is not enough to entertain you, here are some more
>>'tagline' reasons diesel will own:  transition, tempo, defense, ability to
>>control passing lanes, size, field goal percentage, general badassery.
>>What movie does this line refer to:  Shaq against Dallas is kinda like if
>>Tyson fought an infant.
>>Oh, and you may come back with that "Dallas dominated the reg season 
>>   First, one of the games Shaq wasn't even playing, so let's throw that 
>>   Second, the Heat are 34-15 since the 36 point ass whoopin.  And let's 
>>forget that the Mavs are playing good Ball right now (I guess, if this is
>>the kinda crap we're letting pass for good basketball), but the Heat are
>>playing better ball than anyone else.  It's all out the window in the
>>playoffs.  If Mavs lose either of those first two games they lose the
>>series.  Their best chance to win is to make sure Mark Cuban pays the refs
>>off, we'll see how much love Shaq gets in Dallas on those foul calls.  I
>>seem to remember three Dallas players hanging on Tim Duncan's arm during 
>>last shot of regulation in Game 7 of that series, yet no foul is called.  
>>that is the kind of officiating done against the SHAQ it will be a quick
>>The hardest thing in this series to decide is whether Heat win in 6 or 7.
>>Good series either way.  So, is Martin right, does Hoe become a HEAT fan
>>once the Mavs lose?  Or maybe he starts rooting for teams in Michigan.
>>MAVS OVERRATED.  If they win the series i will finally admit that NBA
>>basketball just stinks.
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