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Also, keep in mind that NDT and CEDA are organizations, not either/or categories neatly dividing the community. Many schools belong to both. People that started on the NDT side are now voting members of CEDA with clout at least equivalent to their numbers. 
If CEDA decided to dissolve the merger and try to re-split, I think a lot of squads would have difficult decisions about whether they were a "CEDA" or "NDT" school (since most currently define themselves as "both"). How that would play out might depend on the reasons offered. For example, a purpose of abandoning the "national circuit" would probably be more attractive to schools that don't attend those tournaments - whether those who currently choose to attend would choose to stop is unclear. 
I suspect regional tournaments are stronger with schools that also compete at "national circuit" tournaments attending some than if the same school attended none due to bifurcation of the topic process. But, maybe there are some currently attending "national circuit" tournaments that would abandon doing so if others did. If that were the case, the purpose could probably be achieved without separation.
There may be other purposes as well. Certainly, there are LOTS of different stories about the "real" cause of CEDA's original formation, and the truth is likely that it served multiple agendas (emphasized differently by different people). Whether a split would achieve any useful purpose probably depends on what the purpose would be. I haven't seen any evidence that it would inspire programs that have left to return to CEDA. 
It might be interesting on the CEDA side to have regional sweepstakes be more regional (e.g., counting the results only at regional tournaments in order to create more of a regional ethic). This can be done under current rules - regions have the power to alter their internal sweepstakes structure if they wish to do so. 
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