[eDebate] Response to Slusher

matt stannard stannardmatt
Fri Jun 9 09:41:24 CDT 2006

Swampy says:

>I guess this all comes down to what you think debate ought to be--a value
>judgment. Eric, Jackie Massey, Ede, and Mancuso, from my readings of their
>arguments, believe that debate is about an Affirmative having 9 minutes to 
>anything they want about any topic they personally feel upset or outraged
>about. Thus, they want topics with "maximum affirmative flexibility." And,
>folks, if you are this kind of person with this kind of value system, then 
>should absolutely vote for the topic lists as currently drafted and choose 
>topic list with the most cases. My guess is that you are also the kind of
>person who will, after the Affirmative has had their nine minutes of 
>in the sun, you will then spend your 9 minutes talking about what you want 
>talk about, regardless of what the affirmative said anyway. Then, the judge 
>the back of the room flips a coin, and you all walk into the next round to
>start the ramblings again.

Whatever the "nouveaux" debate might be, and whatever one thinks of it, it 
isn't that.


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