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Martin Harris mharris02
Fri Jun 9 10:47:53 CDT 2006

>2)the PR committee (i think this is who is in charge) should launch a
>and search for alums/coaches/ who are professionals in the field to
>and implement a new web organizational structure. The needs and
>of the community should be assesed perhaps by outsiders to determine
>the all things ceda approach can be stramlined and made actually 
>useful.Imafraid without the review we will take one persons idea put 
>ot on place and 
>still have everybody whose idea it wasnt complaining all the time


I couldn't agree with Andy more here.  This is AN example I think of why
the CEDA EC through president Baker (ex-president?) was looking to
compile a list of "tech" pros.  I also find it odd that there are dozens
of people that want to do "CEDA" sites, but no one that wants to work as
a team together for this purpose, so I will try again.


In an effort to help CEDA identify the future Gary Larsons and Rich
Edwards of the community, if you have technology skills, CEDA would like
to know about them.  Please send an email backchannel to me (Martin
Harris) with a list of skills you possess, and a ROUGH idea of the kinds
of items you can tackle. 


Alternately, you can also send me an email that says fork off, I hate
technology and you suck.  Now, please stop distracting me from reading
all the wonderful news about the fascist pig nazi republican regime that
will be going down under impeachment.  At least I would know people saw
the request.


Martin Harris
Computer and Graphics Support Specialist 
Hammons School of Architecture, Drury University 
Office Phone: (417) 873-7497


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