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Sun Jun 11 19:46:12 CDT 2006

We will star with paragraph one J Hoe.  I say you are full of shit.  Now, do you have anyone saying this meeting did not happen?  Did you?  Do you even know?  I said ?if it is true, it seems coercive? ? now do you have any proof this did not happen.  I know people who witnessed it!  You answer this paragraph in real honesty, then I might read the rest --of your posts with credibility.   You got no arguments here, only attempts to compile my concern into conspiracy theory.  I am talking about one meeting, if you were a part of it, I don?t give a shit if I insulted you or not.  I think anything I say insults you, and I can live with that.  You can attempt to "unprofessionalize" me, but that wont shut me up.


JM: If rumors are correct, there was a meeting amongst Traditional NDT folks 
to determine who had the best chance to beat our Current VP and 2nd VP in 
the past election to have those other 2 sets on the topic committee. If 
this is true, it seems coercive to me. 

JBH: First and most important, there is not a cabal of NDT people with 
secret codes and underground Byzantine plans....This is conspiracy theory 
101 here and having served in several different capacities in the CEDA 
organization and having attended seemingly hundreds of CEDA and NDT meetings 
over my coaching career (not just one) I find this insulting. Its like you 
think there are CEDA coaches and NDT coaches and the NDT coaches have secret 
plans and meetings. This is pretty close to literally insane. Once again, 
and like usual, your contempt for your contemporaries here is obvious. 

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