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Josh Hoe jbhdb8
Sun Jun 11 19:53:36 CDT 2006

That is even more insane,

You want me to disprove rumors you heard...That should be easy...You are
sometimes totally nuts.  How can I disprove something that I think is a
total fantasy.

Even if some people had a meeting (which I certainly would not concede) that
proves only that several people had a common interest in a certain
agenda....Its not like the rest of the NDT got a memo from the cabal and
everyone then VOTED the CABAL ticket.


On 6/11/06, debate at ou.edu <debate at ou.edu> wrote:
> We will star with paragraph one J Hoe.  I say you are full of shit.  Now,
> do you have anyone saying this meeting did not happen?  Did you?  Do you
> even know?  I said "if it is true, it seems coercive" ? now do you have any
> proof this did not happen.  I know people who witnessed it!  You answer this
> paragraph in real honesty, then I might read the rest --of your posts with
> credibility.   You got no arguments here, only attempts to compile my
> concern into conspiracy theory.  I am talking about one meeting, if you were
> a part of it, I don't give a shit if I insulted you or not.  I think
> anything I say insults you, and I can live with that.  You can attempt to
> "unprofessionalize" me, but that wont shut me up.
> Peace
> Massey
> --------------------------
> JM: If rumors are correct, there was a meeting amongst Traditional NDT
> folks
> to determine who had the best chance to beat our Current VP and 2nd VP in
> the past election to have those other 2 sets on the topic committee. If
> this is true, it seems coercive to me.
> JBH: First and most important, there is not a cabal of NDT people with
> secret codes and underground Byzantine plans....This is conspiracy theory
> 101 here and having served in several different capacities in the CEDA
> organization and having attended seemingly hundreds of CEDA and NDT
> meetings
> over my coaching career (not just one) I find this insulting. Its like you
> think there are CEDA coaches and NDT coaches and the NDT coaches have
> secret
> plans and meetings. This is pretty close to literally insane. Once again,
> and like usual, your contempt for your contemporaries here is obvious.
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