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Sun Jun 11 19:57:18 CDT 2006

I know very few people will read this.  Remember, it is not me attacking Josh everytime he posts, it is Josh attacking Jackie when I post.  Who's scared?

Answers to Paragraph 2 ? Josh?s Horse Poop

JM: NDT said they would adopt the CEDA topic if it was a policy resolution 
and went for a full year. But somehow this has transferred into NDT folk 
wanting to control the current topic committee and write the resolutions, 
rather than just accept whatever policy resolution the CEDA Topic Committee 
produces. I agree some schools do both, but most debate coaches/schools 
have their roots. Some are proud of those roots, others are not. Why is it 
that 4 members of the topic committee did not even attend CEDA Nationals? 
JBH: This is total horse poop. Both communities wanted to make sure there 
was representation of TRADITIONALLY CEDA and TRADITIONALLY NDT coaches in order to ensure a smooth and meaningful merger experience. Both communities 
went way out of their way to be WELCOMING and create space for each other 
within the CEDA process. Beyond that efforts were made to meaningfully 
increase student representation etc. I was on the committee through that 
transition...were you even around? 
NO  - I quit school and raised my daughter doing shitty construction work for three years.
If you are going to make insinuating and insulting arguments you better be able to PROVE them. If not just STOP IT. 
I have proof on the meeting above, so kiss my ass.  You stop defending a corrupt system.

This particular version of the topic committee you give backhanded 
complements before openly insulting was a result of community voting and 
nomination. When did you stand for election "man of the people?"
I wouldnt get elected, I am too radical.  I accept this.  You make a perfect candidate, man of the people. 
Your sophistry gets you nowhere.  I give the same respect to the one member of the committee that showed so much disrespect for my attendance at the meeting.  I give you a hint, his initials are SM, its no secret.
Second, what is this "why did four coaches not attend CEDA nationals" 
nonsense. Agreeing to serve in the CEDA organization does not obligate one 
to make the same programatic choices JM thinks you should and shame on him 
for suggesting it. And more important why do you need to go to CEDA 
nationals in order to be qualified to write a topic for the merged 
community? That is what is called a non-sequiter.

I like horse poop better, which describes your arguments.  You never deny that the Traditional NDT folks are attempting to control the topic committee.  Prove me wrong Plato.  U got personal attacks, but no args.

Now you will trot out the "HOE didnt go to CEDA nationals - tar and feather 
and pillory and refuse to listen to HOE who is terrible" line. Like most 
coaches, I have my own reasons for choosing one tournament over another in 
any particular year. Acting like you know what those reasons are in your 
infinite wisdom is wrong. Acting like its fair to paint anyone who 
disagrees with you or who doesnt go in particular years to CEDA is wrong. 
Legitimate your short-comings, proves where you stand.  I said there were four members who did not attend the tournament.  I think that is odd, and proves a lack of genuine support.
I have, for instance, attended CEDA nationals many many more times as a coach 
than I have NOT attended. But you like just waving around innuendo and 
acting as if its PROOF in a McCarthyesque populist way that is scary and 
frankly dangerous. 
Corruption is dangerous, you are covering it up, I am uncovering it.



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