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Sun Jun 11 20:06:07 CDT 2006

Answers to Paragraph 3 ? Proposed Changes
JM: Why doesn't the CEDA organization withdraw hosting the topic committee 
meeting and just let the NDT folk have a meeting and craft the 
resolution? Is that CEDA's goal now, pay for the meeting that allows the 
Traditional NDT folk to craft a topic? Who is being who's lackey? 
JBH: You should be ashamed of youself. Seriously read this again. You are 
insinuating that the current topic committee is part of a secret (or not so 
secret) NDT cabal.
Gee Wally, I thought I was saying we might as well let the NDT organization create the topics!
 That they are all involved in using CEDA in an attempt to 
hijack its topic process. This is a mockery of the means in which they were 
nominated and ELECTED. Something you have never, by your own admission, put 
yourself up for. The CEDA community ELECTED the topic committee. The 
registered members. You cant really believe this and you should apologize 
for saying such inane nonsense (specifically to the members). 
You should apologize for being a suck up and a sell out.  There are 3 elected members on the committee.  I have talked to some of them.  There are 2, NDT rep and ADA rep, who are not.  One is the Chair.  Both attempted to push through the list agenda and write off the areas topic. I was there, were you?  

JM: My alternative to the current process, CEDA host a topic committee 
meeting after the NDT meeting, craft resolutions about the same area, but in 
a way that might be more accessible for the majority of those in the 
community, rather than most people having to appeal to a select few's 
perspective of what good debate is.
JBH: When did you become the avatar of what the majority wants again? Was 
there a vote you took in secret? How about this, why dont you run for CEDA 
president next year...People now know your slate...If you win ok, seperatism 
it is....If you lose....well you know what you can do. Plus there is no 
CEDA community and NDT community we all belong for the most part to both 
organzizations. We all go to some traditionally CEDA and some traditionally 
NDT tournaments. We all pay dues to BOTH organizations. We all have 
different levels of roots. 
This paragraph will be written in debate history as the process of assimilation, not cooperation.  Your really that obtuse huh?  Paying dues means nothing grab ass.
It is confusing and scary how you keep making arguments as if you know what 
is best for either community. Most people just make arguments about what 
they think and let the community sort it out. You seem to believe you know 
what is right absolutely and be willing to literally pillory anyone who 
disagrees with you. Not only pillory them but accuse them of being part of 
a literal conspiracy. More than that say if they dont follow your idea of 
how a program SHOULD be run they arent even worthy of a listen (well they 
are just NDT conspirators dont you know). And its your colleagues you speak 
like this. 
You really have a hard time seeing the community experience criticism.  I am giving an opinion, just like you scatter yours across edebate.  DO I SCARE you that much?   Why are you trying to be counselor between me and others in the community.  If you hate me josh, I can accept it.  Maybe I don?t give a shit what you think at this point.  I call it like I see it, that is why people like you cant stand me.

If my discussion offends those in the community, you should see the discussions the TC was having on how dumb the community is and how they would vote for bad topics!  Does that offend you?  Should they apologize?



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